The Oklahoma Kid – Release New EP ‘Fortuneteller’

The Oklahoma Kid are a modern progressive metal, consisting of four members and close friends who decided to leave the boredom and bigotry of their hometown behind them to gather experience in writing music and exploring the edges of the earth.
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Started in ’07 by Fred and Tomm as close friends mostly aiming for the Deathcore genre, they were missing a name for the band and quickly found it in ‘The Spider situation’ scene of Martin Scorseses joint, Goodfellas.

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With riffs and vocals in their bag, The Oklahoma Kid was still missing important pieces to be a complete band. A drummer, second guitarist and bassist.

After a lot of jams with different guitarists and drummers they merged with an other band of Rostock, A Formula Controlled Emotion, in which Rob and Felix used to play but just left. A new lineup was set: Fred and Maddel on guitars, Konner on drums and Tomm did vocals.

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Still missing a bassist they decided to keep this constellation as a band and got in the hearts of their towns subcultural fanbase. After some years of coming around in their area, Konner left the band due to his job at university. Maddel also left Rostock, busy on studying, but still in the band, Fred started to write the song on his own.

While recording some new songs, they’ve finaly found a bassist, Clemens. Right after the recording of some demo song,  Maddel left the band and they found instantly a new guitarist, Felix.

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Together with Felix, they started working on new stuff and starting to redefine themselves new and knowing to go much further than before. While that process, Clemens left the band because of personal reasons, but they kept writing new songs, aiming to stay without a bassist, until Rob stepped into the light.

The Oklahoma Kid

Band line-up

Tomm Swasthik – Vocals
Fred Stoelzel – Guitar
Felix Bergmann – Guitar
Robert Elfenbein – Bass

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Since this as their recent lineup of the band, they have worked together on their first release ‘Fortuneteller’


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