The New Roses – Dead Man’s Voice

Rating: 3.5/5
Released: 2016
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TNR_644_CMYKBand line-up:

Timmy Rough – vocals/guitar
Norman Bites – guitar
Hardy – bass
Urban Berz – drums


1. Heads Or Tails
2. Thirsty
3. Partner In Crime
4. Dead Man’s Voice
5. I Believe
6. Ride With Me
7. Hurt Me Once (Love Me Twice)
8. Not From This World
9. What If It Was You
10. Try (And You Know Why)
11. From Guns & Shovels


‘Any similarity with Guns N’ Roses is pure coincidence’ – as much as they would like us to believe otherwise. The name sounds close enough, and there’s something about that key across the skull, on the cover art, that does resemble a gun; but in terms of what really matters – the music. The New Roses lack the edge that would make such comparison possible.

Originality is also somewhat amiss. Sure, the modernized the sound of “Partner In Crime” and the title-track have southern touches to, and “What If It Was You” is a bluesy ballad, but such little twists aren’t exactly novelties in the hard rock realm.

On the other hand, adding more twists would mean this album wasn’t hard rock anymore, right?

Rockers know exactly what to expect from these kind of bands, so its the passion of the performance that matters. This is something that The New Roses deliver in full. Timmy Rough’s raspy, high-pitched voice has rock’n’roll stamped all over it, just like his and Norman Bites’ guitar riffs on songs such as “Heads Or Tails”, “Thirsty” and “Try (And You Know Why)”. Hardy and Urban Berz – bass and drums – tread the rhythm of “Hurt Me Once (Love Me Twice)” and “Not From This World” a tad more lightly, but both are still sharp and spirited. In fact, those are the right words to describe the whole album.

“Dead Man’s Voice” doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but it surely adds a couple miles more to the good path that wheel’s already rolled on.

Review by Renata Lino