The Moth Gatherer – The Earth Is The Sky

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: 2015
Label/Distributor: Agonia Records
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TMG FINALBand line-up:

Alex Stjernfeldt
Victor Wegeborn
Svante Karlsson


01 – Pale Explosions
02 – Attacus Atlas
03 – Probing The Descent Of Man
04 – Dyatlov Pass
05 – The Black Antlers
06 – In Awe Before The Rapture



Recorded over the course of two years (so since the release of their debut A Bright Celestial Light) and in three different studios no less, The Earth Is The Sky is the second offering from Swedish project The Moth Gatherer.

Backed by guest turns from David Johansson (Kongh), Wacian  (Code), The Cuckoo (Terra Tenebrosa), and Monolord’s  Thomas Jäger, this is not a quick fix release, but more of a long winding stroll through a forest, starting from dawn to dusk to dawn again.

Progressive is the best way of describing this, in that each song goes somewhere, takes you on a journey, takes you a bit further into those trees. Keeping things in step is the rhythm section – ‘Attacus Atlas’’ persistent, almost vibrating, drums hold you in place, whilst stoner/sludge riffs bring it hard. Similarly, the heartbeat rhythm of ‘Dyatlov Pass’’ underpins the thin, searching guitar, but for this and other instrumental ‘Probing The Descent Of Man’ the synths drive as much as the percussive.

The opening guitar notes of ‘In Awe Before The Rapture’ are like watching the first drops of a rainstorm hit the ground, there’s an almost slow mo feel with each strum, which reverberates after impact, but together start to build something. With just strings for almost four minutes it becomes this hypnotically, cleansing thing, so that when a voice pipes up passionately and the drums edge things into faster momentum you’re ready for it, you’re prepped completely to listen.

We’d be very surprised if the bright lights of The Earth Is The Sky doesn’t draw more people to The Moth Gatherer. And we’d be even more surprised if you got burnt by them.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs