The Misfits @ The Globe, Cardiff

11th August 2013
Review & Photography by Rhys Heal

Anyone who has witnessed a Misfits show before knows full well how these guys fill an hour and three quarters.

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Packed to the gunnels with their well known, two to three minute, ghoul riddled foot-stompers, the packed out Globe seemed to take this evenings hellaciousness and throw it back at this well-respected three piece with the admiration that they deserve.
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Led between songs with his warm, New Jersey lilt, Jerry Only’s skills as a master of ceremony soon become obvious and the set the fires away with ‘The Devils Rain’ and initiates that frenzy which allows belters such as ‘Teenagers from Mars,’ ‘Scream!’ and ‘She,’ to hit us with a precision as sharp as Only’s devilock.

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Bundled with ironically, in-your face B-movie spatterings, dramatic light shows and a thirst to ultimately please a energetic crowd, The Misfits are true to form a know how to make a large number of people go bat-shit nuts.

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Even throwing in a Sophie Lancaster tribute in the form of ‘Descending Angel,’ the pièce de résistance hammers home in the form of post-encore, ‘Saturday Night’ and ‘Halloween’ which brings out the last reserves of energy in both the frenzied throng afront and the three gents atop the stage which give it hell until the last second.

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This is an act that has spanned generations and they have still got tan edge that most of this ilk lost in the 80’s. For this sirs, we are loving it and we are all very grateful.