The Manic Shine – Trial and Triumph

Rating: 2.5
Distributor/label: Pledge Music
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Released: 13th November
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The Manic Shine

Band line-up:

Oz – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Orren – Guitars
Hutch – Bass
Tamir – Drums

Track listing

1 Ball and Chain
2 Brakes
3 Haze
4 Blind Love
5 Orbit
6 Hold On
7 I don’t want to hear it
8 Reset
9 Binary


Next month will see the release of ‘Trial and Triumph’, the second album from London based alt-rockers The Manic Shine’. Their first album, ‘Let Go or Be Dragged’, drew critical acclaim and air play from the likes of XFM’s The Rock Show, Kerrang and BBC Introducing. It seems that it is set to be more of the same with ‘Trial and Triumph’.

The Manic Shine have found a formula of hooky guitars riffs, pounding rhythm and almost poppy lyrics that together provide the perfect recipe for radio friendly rock that will in all likelihood bring them some success of the back of this latest release.

Personally, it doesn’t really grab me. The band have teamed up with producer Lee Batiuk. This is the guy that produced Deaf Havana’s break though album ‘Old Souls English Hearts’. So it is no surprise that ‘Trial and Triumph’ is a polished piece of work that is ready to hit the mainstream airwaves much like the previously mentioned ‘Old Souls’. This is perhaps where my own personal reservations come from. I am by no means saying that this is a bad album, I am just say that, for my own personal tastes, it lacks something. I would like it to be dirtier, grittier and have a bit more of an edge. The part of the album that I like the most are all too fleeting and under played, for example the frantic and furious start of finally track ‘Binary’ or the screaming guitar solo at he end of ‘Ball and Chain’.

If you were a fan of their first album then it is more of the same and you won’t be disappointed. Similarly, if you are a fan of Royal Blood, The Foo Fighters, Deaf Havana or even more recent Biffy Clyro then ‘Trial and Triumph’ is probably something that you would be interested in hearing.

Review by Mark Hunter