The Landlady, Behind the scenes Feature, by Jo Blackened

The Landlady
Rory O’Donnell -Writer/Co-Director
Jason Read – Editor/Composer/Co-Director
Sabrina Castellano – Producer

I recently had the privilege of attending ‘behind the scenes’ day on the set of the Short Horror Anthology ‘The Landlady’ which is shot in true Hammer Tradition and stars Caroline Munro.

On arrival I walked into the make-up room, while the punk girl band were busy getting changed and doing their make-up, ready to shoot their roles.

With some time to set up, it wasn’t long until the crew were ready to shoot.
The Landlady will be released on Halloween 2013 and is an anthology of four stories in the ‘portmanteau’ tradition of ‘Dead Of Night’, ‘Dr Terror’s House Of Horror’, ‘Asylum’ and other classics.
The story is based on a mysterious Landlady who rents out a room to her unfortunate tenants. All they have to do is follow four simple rules…
The four stories of ‘The Landlady’ are set in four different time periods, with all the costumes and props that that entails. There will be some CG work as well as practical effects included.

‘The Landlady’ was shot over a period of four days, with a professional cast and crew in London. I attended on the third day, when they were shooting the tenant ‘punk’ scene…which I have to say was pretty scary and great fun to watch.
Using real instruments and actors/musicians who are in their own bands, it was too tempting for the directors not to have a go themselves and show everyone what they were made of!
But it was soon back to filming…
The story is written and co-directed by Rory O’Donnell and Jason Read who are both seasoned filmmakers. Rory’s last short film ‘AutoDrive’, funded through IndieGoGo, has played from Cannes to California, and he works on his projects between running the film training courses for the Raindance Film Festival.
Jason has been a director on commercial and music videos for the last ten years and is also a professional musician/composer.
All the actors, and the team made me feel very welcome and I always enjoy being on film sets & seeing how everything works.
The directors stated: ‘We think the endless churn of straight to DVD Zombie films is stifling the horror genre. We hope this short will lead to a series of new horror films based on story and character, rather than shocks and gore (though we don’t mind a bit of that!)’
Unfortunately, by the time I arrived at the set Caroline had already finished her shooting for the day, so I wasn’t able to see her in costume, but she was happy to pose for a quick photo!
With a quick chat to Carline Munro, I asked her the difference of atmosphere from working with smaller crews in London, in comparison to shooting in high budget movies such as James Bond, and she confessed that no-matter what the circumstances everyone on the team here has been just as professional as previous crews in the past & says she enjoys working with smaller short films as everyone has such passion and all really want to be here!

She states she loves the fact everyone works hard to get great results and aren’t just all here for the money.

Before I knew it, the day was coming to an end and everyone was preparing for the last shoot of the day…which looked pretty creepy….
With everyone done for the day, I prepared for the journey home and I think everyone was looking forward to going home!
Hopefully I will be able to give a review of the DVD once it’s been release and will keep you all up-dated!

The Landlady is sponsored by Raindance Film Festival.

Photos by Jo Blackened