The Infamous UK Tour 2013 @ Manchester Academy 2

16th September 2013
Featuring;- Glamour of the kill /The Defiled /Motionless in white
Reviewed by Emma Wilson
Photography by Luke Denham

It was a very wet and sodden day in Manchester on the day of the concert, the kind of muggy unwelcoming weather that made you not want to venture out and sit and home with a nice cup of tea . But I am glad I did.

After battling the horrific rain and storms to get to the venue, you could already see a queue forming with a young crowd waiting patiently in the dismal weather to see their favourite bands. Most are wearing tops and hoodies supporting who they had come to see and support that night.

With the lineup tonight, it seemed to attract to the new genre of alternative kids , some who were very young, but yet had so much spirit, passion and energy…they certainly showed us older fans some moves .

Once out of the rain and hail, bags were checked and into the warmth it came a lovely sense of home .

Manchester Academy, has been used more and more now for concerts, and the clean light and redeveloped halls and stages, really are a pleasant sight to see.

The Concert hall that was chosen for tonight’s event was of a good size, but I did think it was a bit small especially the stage to accommodate 3 bands , with all the necessary equipment, but they managed it somehow.

After a small interval the room goes into up-roar from every one as curtains are swung open and we are presented by the first support act stood behind a huge banner with the initials MIN, the man band .

GLAMOUR OF THE KILL (GOTK) are a band from York, UK and have only been going since 2007, yet have already have rave reviews and support!
Infamous index_clip_image004_0008
The bands members consist of ,Davey Richmond – Vocals / Bass,Chris Gomerson – Guitar/ Vocals, Mike Kingswood – Lead Guitar/ Vocals and Ben Thomson – Drums / Vocals.

Their stage presence is fantastic, they bring back the old rock sound that has been missing in a lost nu metal area lately.
Infamous index_clip_image006_0007
Their influences are Iron maiden , kiss and Thin Lizzy and you can tell that in their creative music.

Chris Gomerson , and Mike Kingswood where amazing whilst playing the guitar , they made it sound so angelic , in such a dirty way.
Lots of head banging was had whilst playing the guitar , something that I have always been sooo jealous off , seriously heavy rifts , drums where impeccable , vocals just throw you against a wall never letting you get on your feet again.
Infamous index_clip_image008_0007
I love this band, and wish them all them best, but to be honest they are already on the road to success!
The crowd absolutely loved them! T-shirts were swinging into the air by enthusiastic fans, followed by plenty of air guitars loads of head banging , and creating mosh pit and crowd surfing; something I’ve not seen and was encouraged by the band themselves.

Since Download, knowing that the crowd where only having fun and enjoying themselves I bet GOTK where proberly given a stern warning not to encourage it , off stage?!

I have nothing bad or negative to say about GOTK tonight. It was disappointing that the set was quite short really, but there was strict curfew laws with it being a 14+ gig.
Since it was the first time I have seen this band live, I will definitely be following them on their career now!

The Defiled are on next!
Band members include: Stitch D – Vocals & Guitar The AvD – Programming/Keys & B. Vocals Aaron Curse – Guitar Vincent Hyde – Bass Needles – Drums
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OMPH … well what can I say about this band?! Apart from I absolutely love them!
If I could lock them in a cupboard for my own ears to listen to, I would!

I have followed stitch and the lads around for a long time and I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so down to earth, friendly and charismatic. Even after being on tour for a few weeks and just come off stage, they have so much time dedicated to their fans that they even went outside for a drink and a crafty cig during the interval; that’s something you do not see very often with bands having social interaction with fans on a personal level, they are just great! The set was flawless! They only played 7 songs…to my disappointment, but what a show!

They had few little surprises up their sleeves with this tour, Aaron Curse – Guitar Vincent Hyde – bass wearing really creepy masks – the worse one being the little child doll mask – shudders – even a few of people in the audience mentioned it was bloody creepy …
I love the amount of fan participation the band let their fans have, asking what songs they want to hear next, aswell as what stupid shit AVD should do on stage … it is like that one family member who always lets you stay up late!

There was such a positive atmosphere in the venue tonight , again getting ready to open up a wall of death , demanded by stitch , encouraged by AVD, who at this time was hanging the keyboard upside down pulling funny faces and laughing like a crazy demented asylum patient!
No song was unlinked, as the set they played really set of the night and tone of this event.

As soon as Blood cells started the crown erupted like a volcano into song, with head banging and crowd surfing!
In-between tracks the guys stopped for a little chat and thanked us all for attending!

The Defiled set for me was slightly too short and the stage too small for them to run around and perform with the energy and precision like I have seen them in the past , that was a bit disappointing .

But apart form that they were amazing, really pleased that I actually got to talk to stitch outside, talking about random non related stuff. It is artists that take the time out to see their fans that really makes the nights special and stays with you.


The band consists of; Chris Motionless – All Vocals Ricky Horror – Guitar Josh Balz – Keyboards Ryan Sitkowski – Guitar Devin “Ghost” Sola – Bass Brandon Richter – Drums

MIN are the main act of the evening – Motionless in white or MIW for short, started off with a light and smoke show that must have been a complete nightmare for the photographers in the press pit… my sympathy’s for you!

The crown goes mental at the sight of the members, who are in dark gothic cloaks, beginning with a dark twisted ensemble to wet the whistle of their tinny bobber fans.

You can tell who the influences for the band are in a heartbeat – Marilyn Manson!

The band are from Scranton, Pennsylvania who went from underground to internationally acclaimed act quickly and have gained a great support. I have to say and hate to be critical here, but even though they do put on a fantastic performance on stage – with their on-stage personas, creative talent and really good sound, it is too much of a copy of Mansons for me, they might as well by a tribute act for the spooky kids!

They are way too many similarities to Marilyn Manson here, with his songs, stage art performances, costumes, sound and even their video for MIW track America is a dead ringer for Anti-Christ Superstar and Armageddon … I heard at least a dozen samples of MM work in their tracks , including a copycat of mob scene during MIW tour.

Now I don’t hate this band – that is too harsh because they play well and are great onstage and have awesome stage presence and really drew a crowd in tonight with their theatrics, but they just really need to find their own sound, without blatantly sounding like another out there.

The fans did love them and everyone seemed to be having a great time tonight, so that is all that matters!