‘The Hell Over Europe Tour’ (Aborted + Origin + Exhumed + Miasmal) Gig Dates!

ORIGIN is one of the top, most intense and most brutal technical death metal forces to be reckoned with. Since its inception, the group has charted three times on the Billboard Top Heatseekers (with “Antithesis” at #21, “Entity” at #20 and the latest album “Omnipresent” at #10) as well as the Billboard Hard Rock Albums and Billboard Independent Albums (with “Omnipresent” at #18 and #47) and emerged on countless highly-energetic shows across the world.
This year, ORIGIN has already performed a headlining run in South East Asia and Australia, followed by an large number of North American dates. The upcoming European tour (November 20th – December 20th) will conclude a successive year for the band and will be the first since 2012’s crusade with Suffocation.

The band had this to say about the tour:

“Some bands are just made to tour together! This November, Origin has the pleasure of going out with two bands that we have toured with in the past, Aborted and Exhumed.  It’s always a treat for any band to link up with old friends that they have shared the road with…as long as it was a good time!  We have had great times on the road with both bands.  Aborted, 2 years ago, and Exhumed wayyyyyy back 14 years ago!  All on one bus, one big mess of psychopaths howling at the moon!  If the bands are getting along and having a good time, then the shows for the friends and fans are going to be that much more ripping.  This tour is going to positively melt faces.

I’ve heard people say “Hell, I’m over Europe”  …..but not me, because this is HELL OVER EUROPE!  With EXHUMED AND ABORTED!.”

Origin Tour 2014
20/11/2014 Nürnberg (Germany), Rockfabrik
21/11/2014 Aarschot (Belgium), JC de Klinker
22/11/2014 Köln (Germany), Gebäude 9
23/11/2014 Hamburg (Germany), Marx
24/11/2014 Copenhagen (Denmark), Pumpehuset
25/11/2014 Oslo (Norway), Pokalen
26/11/2014 Kristianstad (Sweden), Biljardkompaniet
27/11/2014 Esbjerg (Denmark), Konfus
28/11/2014 Leipzig (Germany), Hellraiser
29/11/2014 Berlin (Germany), Lido
30/11/2014 Cracow (Poland), Fabryka Club
01/12/2014 Wroclaw (Poland), Firlej
02/12/2014 Prague (Czech Republic), Nova Chmelnice
03/12/2014 Bratislava (Slovakia), Randall
04/12/2014 Vienna (Austria), Viper Room
05/12/2014 Munich (Germany), Feierwerk
06/12/2014 Rome (Italy), Traffic Club
07/12/2014 Luynes (France), Le Korigan
08/12/2014 Barcelona (Spain), Razz 3
09/12/2014 Madrid (Spain), Caracol
10/12/2014 Toulouse (France), Metronum
11/12/2014 Rennes (France), Ubu
12/12/2014 Paris (France), Divan du monde
13/12/2014 Eindhoven (The Netherlands), Eindhoven Metal Meeting
14/12/2014 London (United Kingdom), Underworld
15/12/2014 Colmar (France), Grillen
16/12/2014 Frankfurt (Germany), Das Bett
17/12/2014 Karlsruhe (Germany), Jubez
18/12/2014 Aalen (Germany), Rock It
19/12/2014 Winterthur (Switzerland), Gaswerk
20/12/2014 Essen (Germany), Turock

ORIGIN‘s latest album “Omnipresent” is available Europe via Agonia Records. Various album formats include: digipack CD, Box CD (second press), picture disc, black and coloured vinyls and digital.

“Manifest Desolate” is the first song to be revealed off “Omnipresent”

Follow the band at: https://www.facebook.com/Origin

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