The Hate Colony – Navigate by Rick Ecker

Rating: 4/5
Released: 2014
Band Website:

The-Hate-Colony-Front-Cover-e1403859490588Band line-up:

Sars The Virus Bass
El Nigardo Drums
Big Truck Guitars
T-Bag Joe Guitars
Lord Mordor Vocals

  1. Recheck
  2. Trigger
  3. The Letter
  4. Blood Runs Black
  5. Solitude
  6. Domain
  7. When Worlds Collide
  8. Nothing Less
  9. Interlude
  10. Dialogue
  11. Pandemonium
  12. Path Of Resistance
  13. Welcome To The Hate Colony

This five-headed beast from Norway dropped their new sophomore album onto the masses recently and if you’re expecting black metal, you’re not getting any, this is pure metalcore that sounds more American than anything else, but don’t let that paint your total picture. The band went out and got some fantastic production that gives the songs a nice clear sound, but lets the anger be heard loud and in your face.

These thirteen songs shoot past in around 47 minutes, so you don’t get bored, but with the thick bass lines, ripping guitar playing, pummeling drums and the growled vocals, how could you? The band plays tight on this album, giving you the kick in the groin effect from the intensity that is on display here, except on the beautiful and mellow song “Interlude,” which has piano and strings and is a real lull in the craziness of the rest of the album.

First track, “Recheck” is brutal with the venom being spat out by Lord Mordor’s throat shredding vocals. The band play some devastating music behind those vocals and it just gets everything off to a great start. Third song “The Letter” carries this theme on with aggressive playing with excellent guitars and drumming. Sixth track, “Domain” is very strong and near the end, you get some interesting keyboard playing that gives the song a bit more depth. “Dialogue” has some harsh thumping beats and towering riffs that make it another adventurous and intimidating track. “Pandemonium” has infectious grooves that hit in quick succession, and a rhythmic swagger that gets locked in your ear. “Welcome To The Hate Colony” has strong riffs and barrage of blistering drums.

The name of the band is perfect, so much venom and anger spilled across the songs just proves that they could go by no other moniker. The hooks that are on display reel you in and when they add the touches of keyboard and quieter moments, they show you the depth of their abilities.

The technical skills that they posses, prove that they are in it for real, no playing around and with their debut album reaching #11 on Norway’s Billboard charts, and even #1 on local album charts, this can only do better.

Review by Rick Ecker