The Great Old Ones Are Set to Storm Through London this Month!

Hailing from Bordeaux, the quintet’s atmospheric sound cultivates themes of Lovecraft, throughout a dissonant display of weighty noise, that harks back to their love for Wolves In the Throne Room and Cult of Luna.

the great old ones

Since their formation in 2009, the band have been forging a signature sound of Doom driven Blackened angst that has taken them from Roadburn to Under the Black Sun Festival and beyond. What’s more, their hard work has paid off, marking them as one of the most prominent name’s to be associated within the Blackgaze scene.

Their most recent output Tekeli-li, not only pushed the band into further refinery, it also evokes a more conceptual backbone with the primary focus leaning towards Lovecraft’s In the Mountains of Madness Novella.

Now, alongside Bast and Conjurer, the Black Heart is the place to be.

Situated just a couple of minutes away from Camden Tube station, the event kicks off at 7.00pm and is hosted by Old Empire promotions who entreat guests to a night of chaotic music from some of the forward-thinking artists of the current underground.

Venue: Black Heart
Date: 21-Mar-2015
Tickets: £12.00 HERE
Nearest Tube Camden Station (Northern Line).