The Grass Hopper Lies Heavy – Every Man For Himself and God Against All by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label:
Released: 2014
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Band Line Up

James Woodard
Mario Trejo
Jared Flores
Eric Sandoval

Track Listing

1. Part I
2. Part II
3. Part III
4. Part IV
5. Part V

Having been around since 2005, The Grass Hopper Lies Heavy have become renowned for sharing stages with the likes of Russian Circles, Torche and Dark Castle. Their latest offering Every Man For Himself and God Against All is a five part journey set to further the bands visceral sound to new heights.

Unfolding with the unsettling sound of ‘Part I’, the eeriness of the track pervades throughout, before erupting into an all out drum bashing and sonic driven guitars. The fuzzy sounding bass glides along creating a dissonant sound that is reminiscent of Pelican.

The clean sounding delicacies of ‘Part II’ offer up some tranquil respite, as the melodic guitar resonates throughout the first half before the slow driven bass and drums brush in lightly pulling you into a trance like state.

‘Part IV’ remains the most distinctively heavy track on here, with mammoth sounding guitars and pounding drums, the post metal vibrancies really take form. The distorted guitar effects wade in, cranking up the intensity to a higher standard of dust swept haziness.

The momentum is carried forward into the final track ‘Part V’, with gritty sounding bass lines and cymbal crashes to get heads banging at live shows. The clean strumming around half way offers some breathing space as the track meanders into progressive melodies that shimmer in the distance.

Whilst the record remains fairly consistent, it does fall short in that nothing really seems to stand out from what has come before in this genre. However, record does have a certain continuity factor that will impress those like their music to feel more like a seamless journey into bleak visuals and rich tapestries. In that sense this is a record that should strike a chord with Post Metal fans.