Sludge/Noise Rockers, THE GLORIOUS REBELLION have teamed up with Metal Underground to reveal “Benaquyl”. The track is a two minute blast of heavy music from their forthcoming album Euphoric, which is set to be released via Magnetic Eye Records on April 8 2016. 

The Glorious Rebellion


Stream “Benaquyl” at this location:

Band founder Billy Myers III said the following about the track “Insomnia is something I deal with pretty regularly. This is a song filled with the things you say to yourself when you’re bashing your head at your desk at work after a couple weeks with little to no sleep.”

About the Glorious Rebellion:

Although still new to the scene, Orlando, FL’s The Glorious Rebellion are quickly, concisely, and intently destroying stages and turning heads at a rapid pace with their chaotic spin on noise rock.

The band was offered multiple record deals within HOURS of making their music available online just a few months after forming in 2014, ultimately signing with Magnetic Eye Records and releasing a self titled 7”. Though just two songs, the band’s blend of angst ridden harshness bordering on pyschotic rock with melodic, hook filled sensibilities earned them critical acclaim and radio airplay all across the country. The band is currently set to release their next album, “Euphoric” through Magnetic Eye in 2016.

Since forming, the band has shared the stage with such notable acts as Jucifer, The Phuss, Black Tusk, Ken Mode, Lo-Pan, Black Cobra, Child Bite, Holly Hunt, Hollow Leg, Destroyer of Light, and many more, as well as performing to sold out shows throughout the region including notable capacity performances at venues such as Orlando’s House of Blues and others.

Loud. Noisy. Get to the F***ing Point. We’re not here to make friends. We’re not here to play nice. We’re not here to “support the scene.” We’re not looking for a good time. Crank it up and yell at it until our point is made and then get off the stage.

Praise for the Glorious Rebellion:

    “Heavy as hell with enough venom in the vocals to alert mental health professionals everywhere. Hard to find a good comparison here, but maybe Acid Bath mixed with Unsane in a padded room with a lit stick of dynamite in the middle. Combustible, flammable, aggressive and certain to incite a riot in midtown America.” – The Ripple Effect

    “I’d like to think that this is similar to what Punk Rock could of been, had they decided to learned more than 3 chords and not to play like tweakers.” – Ride With The Devil

“The cognitive dissonance of the following statement is true but contradictory: This is the most accessible sound of hyper abrasive sludge/punk I’ve ever heard.”The Sludgelord

“The Glorious Rebellion has you on the edge of your seat or jumping like a madman. The anger and attitude is full force and compelling. And so is the stomping stoner sludge with an almost industrial punky edge. Ooh yes, keep an eye out for The Glorious Rebellion; produce some wicked flags and man the barricades once it’s released. Cause it’s going to sweep the nation!” – Stoner Hive