The Gifted – Inside Out by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Hit it With A Hammer Studio
Band Website:

Band Line up:
Andy Clarke: Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Programming
Gennie Dyson: Synths & Keyboards
Izzy: Bass

Album Track list:
1. Why (Make Me Feel This Way)?
2. Artificial Happiness
3. Smile
4. Break
5. Rainbows In The Night Sky
6. Everything Is Relative
7. Inside Out
8. Home

Having caught a fair bit of recognition during recent times, Yorkshire’s industrial outfit ‘The Gifted’ combine all the desirable dynamics of Nine Inch Nails, Stabbing Westward and Mogwai (to name a few notable influences) and make it their own. The eight track ‘Inside Out’is fruit of their labour and is guaranteed to inject a shot of industrial adrenaline into your veins.

Unfolding with, ‘Why (Make Me Feel This Way)?’, the heavy Drum bashing intro sets the scene with guitar riffs building as half the track remains as an instrumental. The vocals intervene with a good sense of timing, but as openers go, it does feel more like an introduction to the rest of the record itself than an instant fix of energy.

The electronic fuzziness of ‘Artificial Happiness’ is where things really start to take flight. The acoustic strumming helps to disperse some of the angst ridden grittiness and display a well measured use of melody before the more sonic driven riffs bounce back.

Meanwhile, ’Smile’ pervades with a groove that wouldn’t sound out of place from ‘The Pretty Hate Machine’ era. The infectious guitar hooks and catchy drum work is where keep the momentum sustains itself.

Standout moments come from the broody and bass driven sound of ’Rainbows In The Night Sky’ and the gruelling rage of ‘Everything Is Relative’, which features some of the best sounding guitars and synth hybrid that the album has to offer.

The closure, ‘Home’ shows the band taking a different stride in their song writing. With use of keys and acoustic strumming, it serves as a manifestation of their sensitivity and introspective glance into their sincere lyrical scripting.

Final word, this is a record that both surprised me and surpassed expectations.
Firstly, the production is well refined and its use of instrumentation remains consistently interesting throughout. No song seems to outstay its welcome or repeat itself.
It’s definitely worth a spin and will be interesting to see where ‘The Gifted’ takes their sound in the future ahead of them.