The Gate Club @ The Resistance Gallery

Saturday February 25th 2012
9.30pm – 4am.
ENTRY: £10.00 Per person

Review by Ben Spencer

Photography by Jo Blackened
Altercarnated Photography
Strict Fetish Dresscode… Dress to impress!
Rubber, leather, naked, punk, goth, lolita, cyber, gimp, medical, Vampire Lords, Vampiress, Fangs, Dark & Deviant, uniforms etc, NO Jeans, trainers or street clothes!

The Gate Club
With a Dungeon/ Play Area Puppy Cage on wheels, Spanking Benches, St Andrews Crosses, Suspension Frame, Metal Stocks with Ankle restraints and two thrones to name but a few pieces.

The Gate Club
The Mezzanine Floor with Couples Area/Chill out Area where you will have a great view of the stage and Dungeon Area which also includes a  place just to relax and chill out with friends, with ambient lighting, and lots of comfy seating I knew this was an event we couldn’t miss!

The Gate Club
The Venue: Had a licensed bar at very reasonable prices, the cloakroom was free & there is an outside smoking area.

After traversing our way through the streets of Bethnal Green, and directing a slightly confused cab driver down a series of blue garages, we found ourselves standing outside The Gate club; which had a garage style exterior and could’ve been easily missed, which led me to questioning whether or not I had made a wrong turning on your journey. Our suspicions were quickly diminished at the sight of two alternative dressed girls who looked like they had come to right place!

The Gate Club
Once inside we found a small un-manned ticket booth with a red curtain covering the following the archway that lay ahead. From behind the curtain my ears were met with the sound of;
“Fucking spank him on the ass, and harder”; my earlier questions were quickly forgotten, that we had indeed found the right place.

After pulling back the curtain and entering the actual club we were met by the organisers who kindly enough put us all on the guestlist and to one side a young twenties male who was indulging in some painful pleasure.
As he lay sprawled across a table with a feisty female torturer, whip in hand, he appeared to be getting what could only be described as a good hard thrashing…but he seemed happy enough!

The Gate Club
So after buying a more than reasonably priced beer at the bar and nodding along to ambient dance music, we took it upon ourselves to get a good feel for the venue’s interior before the fun and filth came under full swing.

The club was decorated with red, white and dark walls with two thrones at the top of a stage, a red sofa at the back that was elevated upon a raised platform.

The Gate Club
Upstairs had an ambient lounge for those who wanted to take their carnal tendencies to the next level while opposite was a pentagram made of chains and a cage with bars around it, which was concealing one of the club’s blindfolded victims from within.

The Gate Club
As the venue packed out, upon my return from the outdoor smoking area, a blond haired beauty posed against the pentagram made of chains, while capturing shots from various photographers, including our own! Meanwhile, two Goth girls sat upon either throne at the front, while another one crawled across the floor with a chain round her neck, being dragged along by her male accomplice.

The Gate Club
A sailor dressed attendee received a brutal whipping from two girls either side with the cage filled with a couple, who could be seen making out behind the black iron bars. Later on, with her colourful and psychedelic clothing, a gagged alternative female became hooked onto the chained wall with a metal collar around her neck.

The Gate Club
So could we say this was a night well spent?
Definitely!! This is certainly a place for the weird and wonderful. One thing that was worth mentioning is the sheer diversity of people and age range of the club’s clientele and the liberal attitude that seemed to be shared by all.

The Gate Club
So, whatever your desire, dark, fetish, The Gate Club is one of those hidden-gems-of- a -venue that is more than worth the trek!

If you would like to experience this night yourself or have any questions please do not hesitate to call:-

Master Keith 07704 02078207704 020782 or Joy on 07812 78229407812 782294 or you can of course send an email;
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