The Downspiral To Hell – Interview

Sometimes a band is a family affair, and the Spanish brothers of The Downspiral To Hell take it to heart to create their own style of music while remaining hidden from us. After a few years, the black metal duo Antonio and Jose Luis Miranda are back with their new album ”UNUSUAL METHODS TO DISMEMBER THE SPIRITUAL HALO”. Here is what they have to say:

January 2017
Interview by Sabrina Selkis


There is very little information about you out there, very mysterious! Is that voluntary?

Well, for us the main reason to play music is the pleasure obtained by writing songs. Compose, think about the lyrics, record every instrument, mix what you found in the way… this is a very exciting process, our final aim. And that’s because we focus all our efforts in the music and not writing about the band out there. We will think about how to promote it properly in the next few months.

How did the band start? How did you meet?

It was quite easy because the band consists only of two musicians… and we are brothers. At the beginning we were playing as a standard band, but things were wrong and we didn’t enjoy at all. It became a time when we decided to keep the band as a studio project, starting The Downspiral To Hell and forgetting all the secondary. Then came “Thorn”, our first recording (never released).

It has been a few years since your last release, how does it feel to be out there again?

It’s really nice. We have been “hidden”, enjoying the process required to think about our music and with no time except improve everything as much as possible. And now, after such a long process, it’s a pleasure to talk about it. We take our time, we are in no hurry when recording a Cd, things will happen the same way in future, maybe we’ll spend one or two years recording and mixing our next release.


Can you tell us a bit about the Metal scene in Spain? What do you like/not like about it? Madness, insanity, anger… How do you blend them all?

To be honest with you, we’re not really connected to any scene. The reason is we merely write songs, the music is the pure reason. Everything that surrounds a scene, the social media, meet different bands playing live… well, in our case, that’s secondary and maybe that’s another reason because you can’t find too much information about the band out there. We use all that feelings in order to guide our creation process; it’s like getting rid of all the bad, all the negativity and dirt. So we try to turn all this into music through a basic idea, we must write music born directly from our hearts.

Is “Unusual Methods To Dismember The Spiritual Halo” your best album to this day?

No idea. It would be obvious to say yes, but our point of view is absolutely subjective. Of course, when you decide to make such a big effort in a lengthy project like this, you better give all the best… and that’s what happened. No way to make it better, we did it, but now the music is out there to be judged.

You obviously like to experiment with sounds, do you have any favourite ones?

I don’t think we have any favourite ones, we prefer to try one after another with no rules at all. It’s a big pleasure to experiment with sounds, with strange patterns and rhythms; we need to do it as much as possible. When you think about your limits, the charm disappears. You must do it without thinking about future reviews or what they would say or not. This goes much further, this is pure creativity.


What are you trying to say through your music? What is important for you to share with your audience?

We try to share our feelings, all that we think when we write songs and take a look around, all the evil rotting the world…that’s it basically. If you ask yourself about what happens in the world, what happens with war, with decay in general, the lack of values and then talk about it in a subconscious way you’ll notice what we mean. It’s similar to automatic writing… we connect our minds with the music and then we lost the conscious domain.

Apart from music, what are your other art influences?

We are very influenced by a wide variety of art: modern and old painting, literature, movies. We try to learn and enjoy each time we discover something new and exciting, and so we try to develop it in our lives. We love art galleries, I considerer that is a noticeable focal point for us in order to be inspired (not only with music, I talk about life in general). I feel like if I was beyond reality.

Regarding your artwork, how does the selection process go? Do you find it challenging to convey your ideas?

The artwork is really great, [PHLEGETON Art Studio] we are proud of it because it shows what happens with our music, what’s inside our minds. You should listen the songs and read the lyrics carefully to understand the painting. The process was amazing and challenging at the same time, because we understood as a “must” to enlarge the starting work. So our decision was not to interfere regarding all designing process, and so our graphic designer was free to work with different patterns he has perceived from our music. Subconscious work again, intuitive in connection just with a few words from the band.


How often do you play live? Any venues you prefer more than others?

We never play live; the band is only a studio project. We love the music and we decided to focus only recording, we don’t need to play live to be happy.

What is next for The Downspiral To Hell?

The next step will be a long period promoting “Unusual methods…”. At the same time, I’m sure we’ll start a new song writing process, with no hurry but with no delay at the same time. We love it, of course, and we can’t stop writing new music, is a natural process in our lives. But first of all, as I told you, we must spread our music as much as possible, this time we’ll make a big effort.

Anything else you would like to add?

We want to thank you for your interview; it was a pleasure to answer every question. And stay tuned, “Unusual methods…” will be release worldwide early 2017!