The Digital Release of the Second Album by Wagars

“Sidrabenes Lāsts” (“The Curse of Sidrabene”) – the second record by Latvian D-Beat/Black Metal/Punk Rock hybrid WAGARS is now available for listening and paid download at Bandcamp.


10 new songs that have been recorded during the last Summer make their way to audiences after the band’s self titled album has been hailed as the Best Debut of 2013 at Latvia’s Metal Music Awards – an annual event which took place earlier this year in Riga at “Melnā Piektdiena” club.

The title of the new album “Sidrabenes Lāsts” refers to one of the pre Christian castles destroyed by crusaders twice in the territory of today’s Latvia. The spirit of perseverance and influences drawn from national history and literature have widened the musical spectrum of WAGARS thus bringing to the World a delicate and exciting mix of underground minimalism and abundance of cultural and philosophical influences.


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