The Defiled, with Daken and Romeo Must @ Camden, Barfly

11th May 2011, Review by Danny Draper
Photography by  Michelle Murphy

Oh my word. I’ve never been to the Barfly before and I think any who have been before would agree that saying it’s a ‘cosy’ place would be the correct assumption. Although I must recommend to the venue that they must improve their air conditioning or ventilation systems and people with bags; please be aware of your surroundings, a lot of beer is spilt because of you!
But, enough on the surroundings and the irritable hikers and their bags, I had a beer in hand as the first band were ready to approach the stage for this sell-out show!

An Alternative Rock Metal band from here in London.
They were pretty good; it was a positive performance with very good energy.

The sound was a bit treacherous at times during the beginning of their set, but they ploughed through showing composure and carrying on unfazed.
This gig, I have been told, marked a step up for Daken in terms of size of venue and crowd, and they had a decent sized crowd for the first band of the night.

I like the style, but alas, I feel they just need a little bit more oomph in the sound department, in terms of presenting their sound as it needed to hit me more, but apart from that, a decent, assured and good performance.
Hopefully I’ll see these guys again and I’ll eat these words!

Romeo Must Die

A Metal, Thrash band from UK.
These guys absolutely kicked arse! From the moment the lights went out, a roar went up and you could easily see that Romeo Must Die’s popularity is rising.

The response was as hot as the room, and they launched into their set.
It was like a kick in the teeth and you had to stand up and watch these guys perform, their movement on the stage was enthralling and a lot more energetic compared to the previous band.

They’d only just released their album the week before this show and judging from the pile driving riffs on show tonight, its well worth picking up a copy.

During the song “Let them Hate” they had a “Spit it Out” style sit down and jump up, which oddly like the band of the aforementioned song, the crowd instantly knew what to do, I think RMD have got a very strong following that will only improve, they slayed the crowd tonight.

These guys are a MUST-SEE Live band!

The Defiled
Also another UK based band, based in London.
The room is packed and the heat is rising as the Defiled take to the stage.
It’s chaos, the baritone riffs pummel all and sundry in the pit.
The crowd are wild and rampant; they own this crowd on their return to their home town.

The music is pounding but on songs like “Call to Arms” there are great big choruses that get the crowd singing and screaming along! They then went into “Blood Sells” where they begin to annihilate the crowd with more brutalistic riffs and choruses that could shake the foundations of the Great Wall of China!
Maybe a bit over the top, I must admit, but in any case, you cannot knock their knack for achieving a great chorus and great melody.
The singing is particularly good tonight, all was clear and audible. This goes for all of the bands tonight too. One of my favourite moments was the double bass madness in the song Metropolis along with its amazing breakdown, it thunders through the crowd!
With the crowd becoming more and crazier they call a halt for a brief moment to pay tribute to former bassist who was in attendance tonight and is noted as a “Diamond Geezer”. They also play ‘The Ressurectionists’ with Romeo Must Die guitarist Aaron; the crowd take it up a few notches for this great spectacle!

All in all, the energy created by The Defiled is amazing, I would thoroughly recommend going to see them live, and it’s a show you have to see!