The Bunny The Bear – The Stomach For It by Jo Blackened

Band line-up:
The Bunny
The Bear
Jon Quick
Matt Trozzi

All Birds
This Isn’t Why You Made Her
Lonely, Lonely, Lonely
I’m Scared Now
It Kills Me

Wow! What an insane and crazy band this is, fulled with many genres including Experimental/Electro/Hardcore/Rock/ Extreme Metal/ Dance-infused experimental synths, so it is no surprise this band have caused such a sensation this year! This band really remind of the band Mindless Self Indulgence.

The Bunny and The Bear are most definitely an unique and experimental explosion of sounds that will be either loved or hated…abit like Marmite!

The band have managed to fuse their unique sounds that draws from nearly every genre of with every track having something special and different about them.

The album has a great sound and was produced and mixed by Doug White at Watchmen Studios with the album featuring enticing and unique packaging.

The only downside with this album is that there is so much going on that the Guitaring seems to be lost and sounds pretty quiet as the synths are definity the focus, which is a shame really cause I loved the heavy parts of the album.
There are also some parts of the album that really could do without the screaming, esp in one of the tracks that starts with a lovely piano intro, making the tracks sound slightly too similar in vocal style but still great musically.

I personally loved them and found this one interesting and different album.
The band are also known for their theatrical live performances and this is one band id be really interested in seeing live!