The Brew – Control by Ben Spencer

Band Name: The Brew
Album Name: Control
Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/Label: Jazzhaus Records
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Released: 2014
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The Brew






Jason Barwick: Guitar, Vocals
Kurtis Smith: Loud Drums
Tim Smith: Bass, Vocals

Album Track list

6.Fast forward


Having been around for a decade and receiving nominations for various awards the highly esteemed British rock trio took a different approach to writing Control. This time around the band pulled out all the stops and went for a stripped down hard hitting rock release that could be replicated in a live setting.

Kick starting with the charging guitar drone of ‘Repeat’ the steady drums and soaring vocals take flight with some well coordinated lead guitar thrown in. the classic rock influences remain energetic throughout as tight sounding solos burst out to a professional standard.

‘Eject’ comes with a heavy drum kick and catchy guitars that is reminiscent of a 90’s grunge throughout. The lead guitar breakdown showcases the band’s well measured approach to song writing that will get fans of the genre taking note.

The melodic passages of ‘Pause’ gives rise to a greater depth as the vocalist hits deeper notes with plenty of blues driven guitars wading their through the raw sounding energy of the track.

Meanwhile, the distorted sounding guitars of ‘Shuffe’ with its crashing drum work and tight sounding bass becomes an instant hit with some serious head banging riffs that hark back the band’s appreciation for Soundgarden.

Another high point, ‘Skip’ has a gritty sounding bass, infectious drums and anthem sized chorus section that is loaded with plenty of backing vocals to heighten the band’s sound to a whole new level.
Closing off with the acoustic ballad’ Rewind’, the band go out on a more sombre note. Full of raw sounding vocals and well written lyrics the solos mark the band going out in style as a further emphasis towards mutli-layered vocals draws upon the records final moments.

This record surprised me in terms of its versatility and it delivers a strong dose of tight musicianship that never loses focus or strays into false pretensions. Instead what is presented here is a semblance of tracks that all tick all the right boxes for classic rock fans looking for the next big thing and these guys may just be on the verge of something truly special here.

Review by Ben Spencer