The Borderlands by Jarod Lawley

Directors: Elliot Goldner
Cast: Aidan McArdle, Gordon Kennedy, Patrick Godfrey
Rating: 5/5

From the British bloodline of found-footage horror movies, comes 2013’s The Borderlands.


Writer-director Elliot Goldner delivers a 89 minute slow burner packed with hooks, scares and also, laughs.
The plot follows a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.

Obviously, this film is bound to be compared to The Blair Witch Project, but pokes in the direction of British TV comedies such as The Peep show also. Despite the slight lack of realism in the concept of the main cast constantly wearing their head cameras, this 1st person like delivery offers a gripping sense of intimate story telling and personal fear.

This format is kept up throughout the movie, with the only other camera angles coming from installed CCTV cameras in the church and cottage. Careworn borderline alcoholic Dean is portrayed as a noble man by actor Gordon Kennedy, whilst the dislikeable agnostic techie Gray is played by Robin Hill.


Later joined by another disbelieving priest, this core team follows the hauntings and unexplainable events in the old parish church with the aim of debunking theories of a “miracle”, but as their discoveries continue, disbelief turns into belief, as all draws into a claustrophobic and harrowing closing sequence, which is one the best and most unnerving scenes I have seen in a horror movie for a long time.

Far from just another low budget found-footage film, this to be recommended to even the least enthusiastic of cinema fans!