The Black Rook – The Black Rook by Nadean Daley

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Self released
Released: 25/4/2014
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Band line-up:

Vocalist – Flavio Senra
Guitarist – Ruben Lessa


1) Checkmate
2) The Black Rook
3) Unfortunate
4) Forget my Name
5) Heart of Steel
6) Rats
7) I am
8) Temptation (will bring me down)
9) Madman in Chains
10) Dark Disease Review



Brazilian duo The Black Rook self released their self titled debut album on 25th April this year, they claim they are trying to revive the original classic Heavy metal sound by playing metal how it should be played.

From the enthralling opener ‘Checkmate’ these claims become apparent in Flavio Senras’ Ozzy style vocal accompanied by axe man Ruben Lessas’ Slash esque guitar riffs, these guys are ambitious and clearly know what they’re doing the worry is that they’ve used a session drummer throughout the album and in many tracks the drummer shines through immensely particularly during ‘Black Rook’ ‘Madman in Chains’ and ‘Heart of Steel’ – the best track on the album, it has that classic rock sound with a solid chorus and melody.

‘Rats’ is another worry as it’s reminiscent to that of a Cancer Bats track of the very same name, having said that the deep heavy drumbeats and riffs are welcomed to break up the monotony as many tracks have the same repetitive choruses and do go on a lot longer than they have to at times.

Lyrically it is well constructed especially when you take the translation from Portuguese to English into consideration, except ‘Unfortunate’ the chorus ‘unfortunate, I was unfortunate’ isn’t the most creative of choruses.

Although The Black Rook do deliver the original classic heavy metal sound they promised they aren’t bringing anything new to the table and this is where they might struggle to get noticed amongst rocks giants.

Review by Nadean Daley