The Black Heart Rebellion – People, When you see the smoke, Do not think that it is the Fields they’re Burning

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: 9000 Records
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Released: October 2015
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Band line-up:TBHR

Pieter Uyttenhove
Alex Maekelberg
Emeriek Verhoye
Valentijn Goethals
Tim Bryon
Tomas Lootens


1 Body Breakers
2 Flower Bone Ornament
3 Om Benza Satto Hung
4 Bow and Silk
5 Near the Fire for Bricks
6 Dorsem
7 Rust
8 Violent Love


The Black Heart Rebellion are clearly a band that like to try something different and push the boundries of their music. This is a quality that you have to appluad. Unfortunately, their third album, ‘People, When you see the smoke, Do not think that it is the fields they’re burning’, just doesn’t do it for me.

There are points in the album that I do actually find interesting, most notably the dark tribal and ritualistic nature that can be felt throughout. This is an aspect of their sound that seems to have been carried forth from their previous album, ‘Har Nevo’, and could be the basis for future success. It is a shame that this occassionally gets drowned out by droning guitars or in one case on ‘Om Benza Satto Hung’, seven minutes of bell ringing. I mean seven minutes of someone ringing a bell like a demented town cryer! There is just no need.

While not a far cry from their previous record, ‘People, When you see the Smoke..’, is not nearly as successful in my opinion. However there is definate potential in aspects of what The Black Heart Rebellion have tried to achieve here. Sadly it just wasn’t for me this time around.

Review by Mark Hunter