The Black Dahlia Murder, Interview, by Becky Brown

We managed to catch Brian; main guitarist in well-known band Black Dahlia Murder before their performance at the o2 Academy in London tonight, performing with Aborted and Revocations.

Hey & thanks for joining us…how is the tour going so far?
“It’s been going great so far, Aborted are killing it, revocation’s killing it. Awesome bands!
We’re really stoked with the package and everyone’s pretty cool, we’re all on the same vehicle too so we’ve had the chance to hang out. The vehicle has a place for me to lie down so that’s all I need, but when you’ve got that many bands on it, it becomes a slave shack. [laughs]
18 bunks is a slave shack, but it can be fun!. I think there is a good future with this tour”

How many days have you got left now?
“Uhhhh…Look at me not knowing the number, [laughs]
I think it’s about 3 and a half weeks? So it’s a long tour. We’re popping around here and there, seven days in Germany, Denmark, Sweden. Covering a fair bit of ground but you don’t see much of these places! We get on the bus, do a gig, get back on the bus, go somewhere else, there’s a rare occasion when you get a chance to actually go to check something out!”
What are your influences with your current Album (Everblack)?
“The current album? It’s the same old stuff man. Its good old fashion mid-90’s melodic Death Metal. Kinda been stalking that genre in my head man, Yeah so there’s a lot of soul work albums, like At the gates, Carcass and all that good stuff, it still has a lot to do with what I do.”
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With Deflerate you’ve used more of a psychedelic album cover, whereas with your latest Album, Everblack you have changed it completely, is that because your music has changed or you just think it looks bad ass?

“Well we always try to at least have something new, something that represents the mood that we get from songs that are from the album, With Deflorate, Trevor had this dream of the big alien chick that was giving birth to all of the dudes that are in it, so we went for that, that time.
This time we were really lucky to have a dude that’s involved with Peter Jackson, Peter Jackson is a company that painted that amazing death scape. We were really stoked with how it came out, I mean we saw some sketches and we were blown away by it, but then when we finally got the file, the HUGE file that took 2 and a half hours to download it. We were very anxious by the time it was loading, which took another six minutes…but were super happy with it!”
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What’s the stupidest thing you have done on tour?
“ The STUPIDEST thing I’ve ever done on tour? I got us kicked out of download Festival one-time”

Download Festival?! What did you do?
“Yeah, we were playing, well we were done playing for some hours at this point and Kid Rock had decided not to play that day, back in 2007 or 2008, so he didn’t show up, so I kept going into his trailer because it was empty all day and drinking all of the booze. That put me into some sort of black out stage, where I didn’t pass out I just blacked out, and I guess I started destroying the catering spread and I broke a fridge, but Yeah the owner of Download happened to be right outside the door ..”
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Was that Andy Cooping?
“Yeah it was, so he physically grabbed me himself and said ‘This guy’s gone!
I broke my Ankle trying to get back in, but damn that security team are good there! We sent him a lovely basket of, ya know snacks, so hopefully all is forgiven, but we will see?!”

Who’s the Main Writer in your Band?
“Uh well when it comes to music, me and Ryan pretty much write all the skeletal structure of the songs, the other guys on their instruments throw in their little flares or digs on what we put down and Trevor writes all the lyrics.”
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Do you guys play organically? Like get together and just play or…?
It’s not very organic at all, Ryan sits in his apartment and I’m in my living room, we just pace around playing until something sounds cool, journey worthy, not journey the band but ya’know a journey like, Whoa that’s a riff we can go somewhere with that!”

Have you got any ideas for the next album?
“Haven’t really started playing or riffling yet, so no. We don’t really set out with a destination in mind. We just go with the flow”

When you’ve had a whole day of being metal, what do you like to do to relax?
Well I like to drink a little bit of Bourbon, smoke a little marijuana, of course only in the places where it’s legal, listen to a little Ostrude De Betro, get your Boston on, pass out and forget what a snare drum sounds like, so you can be fresh for it the next day”
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Have you got any Skeletons in the music cupboard? Embarrassing CD’s?
“I’m sure a bunch of people make fun of some of my albums, but what are you gonna do?
I got some Goldfrap man, when you’ve just listened to a couple of Death Metal albums and your ears are shot, you just wanna go to a dance club, go hear some naughty lyrics! Ya know, why not? I’m done being embarrassed now. God this discussion was almost like therapy! Thank you!”

Where’s your favourite place to play? Or has the best crowd?
“The best crowd, that’s all subjective. It can be really frustrating to have a crowd that just stands there, especially when you’ve played the night before somewhere with a different culture. Sometimes you could go to Holland, and you get this fairly well turned out Metal show, where the crowd just stand and watch you with their arms folded and they just nod their heads. Asking for a joint, and no-one has any, what’s going on? But yeah that’s your typical Holland rock out right there. You just gotta wrap your mind around it, there having a good time, there just not gunna show you but you just gotta do what the people came to see you do.”

Many thanks for your time today!
Thank you!

Photography by Graham Hilling