The 69 Eyes – Angels

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Nuclear Blast Records
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Released: 2007
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69Angels2Band line-up:

Jyrki 69 – Lead Vocals
Bazie – Guitar, Vocals
Jussi 69 – Drums
Archzie – Bass, Vocals
Timo-Timo – Guitar


1. Angels
2. Never Say Die
3. Rocker
4. Ghost
5. Perfect Skin
6. Wings & Hearts
7. Star of Fate
8. Los Angeles
9. In My Name
10. Shadow of Your Love
11. Frankenhooker
12. Only Fools Don’t Fool Once More (Japan Bonus Track)
13. Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (US/Japan Bonus Track)


To celebrate the re-release of several classic albums by the Finnish Goth Rockers The 69 Eyes, The Independent Voice has taken to reviewing each and every one of them!

This I’m afraid, is where the band started to enter the doldrums of the Goth world on several occasions. ANGELS begins with a memorable track which fuses the new gothic image with a heavy guitar and drums reminiscent of the group’s Glam Metal days. It doesn’t disappoint and gives off the image of Goth N Roll which I’ve come to describe this band at their most experimental.

Then we head into ‘Never Say Die’ which pushes the Goth N Roll elements to their finest and left me pleased that a band could take two different genres and meld them together well. But then the album falls down several notches, because you have the song ‘Rocker’ which I guess was meant to be tongue-in-cheek, but it gets up itself a little and makes the band sound silly. And it doesn’t end there, you’re then taken aback by ‘Ghost,’ which has to be one of the worst songs this band have ever recorded.

‘Ghost’ almost sounds like an annoying post-grunge piece that might have a dark overhang but is just really not what you want to hear on this album. It wrecks the decent Goth N Roll at the beginning.

Fortunately, ‘Wings & Hearts’ brings the album back by having the vocals and arrangement sound like Robert Smith and the classic Cure line up. ‘Los Angeles’ then makes use of the Glam Metal riffs the group still had lying around and they meld together a piece that makes the listener imagine the band travelling the world and having fun with fans in every city.

‘Frankenhooker’ is pretty much the climax and told me this album had recovered from the doldrums at the centre.

This isn’t a terrible album, but it has more faults than any of the other releases 69 Eyes have given us this year. ANGELS is worth a purchase if you’re an audiophile with a taste for the gothic and want to know how to make Goth N Roll at its finest.

This album is both sleazy and vampiric, so it has its achievements.

Review by Demitri Levantis