Teach Your Soul With Fire – Volume IV

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Signal Rex
Distributor/label URL: http://signalrex.com
Released: 2015
Buy album URL: https://signalrex.bandcamp.com/album/volume-iv

Volume IV
Volume IV

Track listing:

1. Coronation – Krieg
2. Carnal Lust – Suicidal Winds
3. From The Absu – Mortifier
4. Stream Of Tears – Flauros
5. Echoes From The New Millenium – Murder Rape
6. Negril – Negura Bunget
7. The Night Never Ending – Serpent Law
8. Aamanden – Feikn
9. Lord Of Destruction – Holy Death
10. Pagan Joy – Funeral Oration
11. Decilne Of The Light – Lunae Dies
12. Flying To The Fate – Mystical Fate
13. Lesny Tron – Hefeystos
14. Throne Of The Serpent – First Born Evil
15. Of Seductress In Obsequel Attire – Crypthowl
16. Haunting The Night – Sortilege
17. Only War And Hate Survived – Centuries Of Deception
18. With A Black Horse – Zaratustra
19. Long Ago In A Hidden Valley – The Second Moon


Teach Your Soul With Fire is back after 16 years with Volume IV. Originally to be released in 1999, this is a 19 track album featuring original ‘90s recordings from a vast array of acts including Kreig, Negura Bunget and Serpent Lore, and it is bursting with aggression.

From the outset Volume IV is instantly ferocious, fast, dirty and full of agonised yelling, following with a barrage of riffs interspersed with screams and blast beats. Considering the tracks on this release there is a certain expectation, especially when the previous releases in the early ‘90s demonstrated the diversity of upcoming black metal with tracks from Behemoth, Moonspell and Ancient Rites among many others. There is a good variety of fast paced and melodic tracks (Lesley Tron, Aamanden), along with semi-acoustic and the more symphonic (The Night Never ending, Haunting The Night). Of course, as a compilation this album is a bit of a mix. There are some very well structured and thought out tracks on this album, with some unusual use of textures (With A Black Horse) and the occasional one or two (such as Long Ago In A hidden Valley) that feel very chaotic.

Overall there are some great tracks on this compilation that exhibit a wide collection of ideas and interpretations within black metal. It has been a long time coming but Volume IV is set for release on limited edition cassette through Portugal’s Signal Rex this November.

Review by Helena Byrne