Tara Jane O’ Neil- Where Shine New Lights by Ben Spencer

Band Name: Tara O’ Neil
Album Name: Where Shine New Lights
Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label: Kranky Release
Distributor/ Label URL: http://www.kranky.net/
Released: 2014
Buy Album: http://www.kranky.net/
Band Website: http://www.tarajaneoneil.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/tarajaneoneil
tara jane o neil

Band Line up

Tara Jane O’Neil and the Ecstatic Tambourine Orchestra

Album Track listing

1. Welcome
2. Wordless in Woods
3. This Morning Glory
4. Over. Round, In a Room. Found.
5. Glow Now
6. The Lull the Going
7. Elemental Finding
8. All Now Vibe
9. The Signal, Wind
10. The Signal, Lift
11. Bellow Below as Above
12. New Lights for a Sky


Tara Jane O’ Neil’s endeavour to create a style of music that is defined through her appreciation of textures and colours has found its way onto her upcoming release Where Shines New Light. While this expansive journey into new territory, that is both uncharted from her previous albums yet unmistakably her music.

Opening with the soothing sounds of ‘Welcome’ the introductory track invites listeners in gently before taking shape in ‘Wordless In Woods’. The piano led tranquil vibe pervades throughout.

‘This Morning Glory’ strums out with an acoustic backbone and ethereal clean vocals that drift by in a dream like ease with ambient guitars woven into the track.

The majority of this record follows in a similar vein with songs that are bright, colourful and subtle in their song structures. ‘Glow Now’ resonates with a delicate sounding aura as the slow drum beats and sound effects work harmoniously with the vocals.

Meanwhile, the folk influence of ‘the Lull the Going’ has a more song orientated structure and sounds the closest resemblance to any of the songs that could be released as a single due to its immediate formula.

The textured sound of ‘The Signal, Wind’ flows through effortlessly with organic sounding vocals and clean guitars pervading throughout, providing a strong sense of escapism from reality. This is definitely a track to lose yourself in.

‘New Lights for a Sky’ unravels with melodic guitars with a psychedelic undercurrent soaked in waves of tranquillity. The mutli layered vocals operated in a complimentary manner, providing that lucid dream effect that Tara has accumulated so well within her music.

This is one of those records that definitely takes you on a journey and those looking to venture into the unknown, and at times hard to define, will no doubt find this an essential piece of music. The only downside on this record is that some tracks worked better and others didn’t really seem to go to further from what was found a couple of tracks prior. However, this is something that further defines itself through the time you put into it and those who do wont be disappointed.

Review by Ben Spencer