“As Goddess Of Death, the Crone breaks down our old forms to make change and rebirth possible. She represents secrets revealed and embraces transformation as a process of growth and continual regeneration.” So says trailblazing artist and rap’s original “Ruthless Bitch” Tairrie B of new solo hip hop track “Beware The Crone.” 

Tairrie B


“The track is a spooky slice of music, marked with her classic wordplay and deft rhyming skills.” ~ GHOSTCULTMAG.com
Released last week to popular and critical acclaim, and available now for FREE DOWNLOAD via tairrieb.bandcamp.com, “Beware The Crone” follows Tairrie on a dark and witchy journey back to her hip hops roots with an old-school West Coast influence.
“It’s still as ballsy a move as anything she’s ever done in a career defined by ballsy moves. Tairrie burst on to the scene as the protégé of NWA don Eazy E, signing to his imprint Comptown Records for her debut (which would prove to be the label’s sole release). After that, she switched genres to pursue her interest in heavy metal and the occult. Rap-metal hybrid Manhole and then the purely metal-oriented My Ruin were the result, and up until now, Tairrie’s focus has lain squarely on that world. Her new single “Beware The Crone” is a complete about-face, though, and wouldn’t sound out of place next to her older hip-hop recordings. It’s very old-school, very West Coast, and very witchy – there’s a darkness to it that makes a whole lot of sense when Tairrie’s heavy metal bonafides are taken into consideration.” ~ NOISEY.com
And now comes the stunning official video, beautifully shot in black and white with bewitching, esoteric visuals. Says Tairrie of her vision for the video: “It’s been a while since I recorded a hip hop album, let alone a video with me rapping. Like the songs themselves, I didn’t want to mimic what so many other women in music seem to be doing at the moment. I’m not a fan of bright colourful imagery or over-the-top sexuality. I wanted there to be a strong and empowering, yet darkly visceral and magical sensibility to the visuals.”

Directed by Tairrie B herself, the mystic maven explains of the filming process: “I shot many of the scenes myself and others were filmed by my good friends Jill and Gary Bandfield of TourBusLive.com – talented husband and wife photographers. They understood where I wanted to go visually so I asked them to collaborate with me in bringing a few songs from my new album, ‘Vintage Curses’, to life.”

“We shot all the nature scenes in the back woods of Griffith Park which is one of my favourite places to hike in Los Angeles and somewhere I have loved since I was a child. The rest of the video was filmed in Hollywood, in our studio and our home.”

“Beware The Crone” is the first single from Tairrie B’s forthcoming long awaited album “Vintage Curses.” The track was co-produced by The Covenant (Tairrie B. Murphy, Mick Murphy & Josh Lynch from Weapons of Mass Production) and features additional vocals from Wiley Hodgden (The Birds Of Satan) and John Lousteau (Teenage Time Killers) + live drums by Mick Murphy.

“Beware The Crone” can be DOWNLOADED for FREE @ tairrieb.bandcamp.com, via soundcloud.com/tairrie-b or at www.houseofcapricorn.com ♑.