4th March, 2016
Review by Pete Mutant

Another night at the Garage in Glasgow with the mighty Decapitated and the intriguing Sylosis to fill the night air with some clinical and sharp edged metal; it would be hard to find a more brutal Friday night workout regime. After the initial pat downs from the security staff and climb up the stairwell, and then the other stairwell, the doors unveiled the setting for a memorable night of metal music.

First band on were local Glasgow outfit Centrilia [3.5/5] who burst onto the scene strongly with a confident energy that belied their experience of supporting well known and journeyed acts such as Sylosis and Decapitated. Their brand of metal is nothing extraordinary but it was good, and at times excellent. They were quite reminiscent of Chimaira at points and Machine Head at others. The riffs were solid and heavy, backed by some drilling drums and some angry vocals which merged well together and gave the crowd something to bang their heads about.

They took the stage knowing they needed to make an impact and get the crowd going which they succeeded in doing. Their set was short and sweet but it was still early days and the beers had only started flowing, it was then time to get serious and shake the foundations of the Garage with Polish death metal acolytes Decapitated.

Decapitated [5/5] are still on the back of 2014’s Blood Mantra tour having supported Behemoth on their last visit to Glasgow. That was a blinding performance but they weren’t afforded the set time that they deserved, if you blinked or got head butted in the pit then you missed out. This time round Decapitated were given an extra bit of time but at half eight at night it seemed a bit early to bring out the big guns.

It was surprising to find out that this was not a headlining night for Decapitated. This however was a co-headlining tour so it wasn’t written in stone that they would be, although I would have preferred it to be so. This brief moment of confusion was then shredded when they tore open with the exceedingly heavy ‘Exiled In Flesh’ and immediately the pits began. The crowd were going at it furiously as Decapitated kept adding the catalyst for the incendiary and explosive motions of the mad collective of Glaswegian metalheads.

There really was no letting up when they kept blasting out with such heavy material. It would be hard to pick out highlights of the set but songs like ‘404’ and ‘Carnival Is Forever’ simply just brutalised all those that bared witness. They even let out a wonderful version of Spheres Of Madness which truly got the crowd at fever pitch and foaming at the mouths. There were circle pits, walls upon walls of death and it was just sensational. An exemplary showing which sadly had to come to an end when they belted out ‘Homo Sum’ as an apocalyptic climax to their show.

It was an excellent performance, as always. It was now time for the headlining act with Sylosis ready to add the icing on the cake which had been brutally baking for the last hour or so.

Sylosis [3.5/5] opened with ‘Indoctrinated’ and the Garage kicked off again. It is amazing to see how a strict fluid diet on a Friday night could supply such boundless reserves of energy to the adoring audience. Sylosis were heavy, they were fast but they have never really done it for myself. The vast majority of the audience would probably disagree with my opinion on this but the band never fully unleashed the beast within. They were good for the occasional headbang but they were just a little too polished and pristine without that brutal edge for my own liking.

The fans in the crowd seen things differently as the show battered on with some impressive guitar work from frontman Josh Middleton who exhibited his prowess on the instrument with a vast array of impressive sweeps and pitch perfect notes that solidified a streamlined performance. There were some moments of blaring death metal but Sylosis are a rather diverse act who don’t stick to one certain principle. Their set befitted a heavy night in Glasgow, but it wasn’t all about the heaviness. Sylosis brought the evening to a close with an encore of ‘Altered State of Consciousness’, which inspired one last flurry of energy from the Glasgow crowd as all parties set up for an excessively dynamic finish.

It was an impressive set and there was an electric atmosphere which was fitting for a gig of this nature. The sound was loud and there was plenty of aggression as the bands cultivated some of their best creations to cater to the whims of an adoring and grateful audience. Another frantic night with some excellent music set the weekend off on a high note and it cannot be soon enough until we are graced with another night of such high quality music.