Sxuperion – Auscultating Astral Monuments

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Bloody Mountain Records
Released: 2021
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Sxuperion – All Instruments & Vocals


1. Astral Silence
2. Eyes of Gangkhar
3. Ophanim Mechanical Drive
4. Irreverential Cisterns
5. The Mote in God’s Eye
6. Licentious Arbitrator
7. Initiative Reactor
8. Philotic Astrogation
9. Forever and Ever


Space, science fiction and black metal are three things most important to me, for my whole life has been filled with curiosities about the future and life in space. So it is always amazing to discover bands who play the greatest music of all time and share the same fascinations as you. By this I am referring to Californian black metal veteran, Sxuperion and his latest album, “Auscultating Astral Monuments.”

This isn’t another album filled with fantasy stories about space travel or artificial intelligence, there are lyrical themes on this album that would intrigue anyone who has studied cosmology or astrophysics, so Sxuperion is something of an academic force in the world of space black metal. Intelligence and devotion to what is out there is the most appealing thing when it comes to the music of this band, so I would give this album to anyone I know who loves space related science.

Music wise, Sxuperion is a fairly versatile project for each song has its own unique sound or vibe. To begin with, you have straight up black metal followed by lashings of death metal and some brutal vocals, as well as atmospherics that would put a smile on anyone interested in the Cascadian scene. My personal favourite of this album was “Eyes of Gangkher” because of the flowing atmosphere that made me feel like I was floating through space surrounded by countless stars and planets.

Space and science fiction have become more common in black metal in recent years, particularly with bands like Imperialist gaining prominence, so it is great to see a veteran like Sxuperion making more music of this ilk and gaining the recognition he deserves. Albums like this one tell me that black metal misses nothing in terms of themes and ideas so there is something in this world for the biggest science nerds around.

Sxuperion is different to other space or astral themed bands who have become popular in recent times like Midnight Odyssey, so give this band a shot if you’re someone who loves black metal and science fiction but want the bands to have an atmospheric yet raw sound with bits of death mixed in. An excellent new outing from an experienced band, keep them coming, Sxuperion.

Review by Demitri Levantis