Swallow The Sun – New Moon by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Spinefarm

Before anyone gets the wrong idea about this album,  this has nothing to do with that awful teen vampire movie ‘Twilight’. Now that’s cleared that up, I can say this is a must have album for fans of Opeth and Katatonia (to these ears this is better than the last Katatonia outing).

For those who don’t know this band, they originate from Finland and this is their forth album to date. With their bleak landscapes this lot paint with their music with lightly peppered touches of bright melody.
Any artist will tell you when you use contrasts you will make the dark seem darker and light shine.

Swallow the Sun use this to their best effect, so here’s hoping this album will put them up there with the other masters of this unique genre of metal and lovers of music who want more than just music to have on their Ipods to walk to, but music they can truly sit down and get immersed in.