Suppressio Nocturno – Demo 1 by Ellen Norvang

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: September 2013

1240130_450536618398006_1650914566_nBand line-up:

Bats Shtsero Bel Korp – (vocals)
Elhal de sari – (guitars,programing) 
Archieroph Samsara – (drums)



1. Brand new misery
2. Devil inside
3. In pain
4. Serpentine Word


It might not be well written or grammatically checked properly, but Suppressio Nocturno´s press release contains a sense of humour. Unless they are dead serious about defiling your kids and wanting human parts to be able to finish their latest production, that is.

The press release also reveals certain laziness. It seems to be written in a 2 minute drunken state and if this is how the industrial rockers wanna present themselves so be it.

The band’s first release is a four-track demo for everyone to indulge in for free via download. Don’t let the lack of record company or the childish press release scare you off, because the four tracks don’t match with the first impression. Surprisingly enough Suppressio Nocturno starts off with a well- produced opener. It is hardcore, danceable beats with a harsh vocal delivered with a true feeling of knowledge and love for the genre.

The band is fairly new, but a quick look at the image and a good listen to the music Suppressio Nocturno has a good shot at creating something bigger.

It is old school industrial black metal that won’t disappoint fans of the genre.

Review by Ellen Norvang