STVOR – Groove Metal Band release Single

Belgrade groove metal band STVOR (Creature) recorded the single and video for the song Kurac (Dick), as the announcement of the first EP, which is currently recorded. It is an excellent introduction to the upcoming elections in Serbia.
The song is rich in derogatory terms directed to the critique of the current situation in the society and authorities on all levels.STVOR was formed in late 2013 in Belgrade. The idea for the band came from Voja (vocals), Uros (guitar) and Aca (bass), who have known each other for a long time from the band CANNOT. After a brief search, Bane joined the bend on the drums. They are characterized by energetic and loud live shows.

Their music is described as Groove Metal as the base of their sound is groove rhythms, strong guitar and bass riffs and mixture of growl and singing. In global, all members are inspired by thrash metal, groove metal, nu metal as well as alternative music and all kinds of mixtures of the genres.

As they are new bend on metal scene, they are trying to present them self to the wider audience with this first video, but new material will arrive soon so stay tuned and be prepared for STVOR.