Strange Ang3ls – David Mark Pearce by Matt Seddon

If you ever wanted to hear a rock project that sounds like a more relevant and theatrical version of the likes of Queen, Whitsnake and Journey then the brilliant new album Strange Ang3ls by David Mark Pearce is the next album you need to lay your figures on.

With grand musical introductions, catchy lyrics and slick bluesy guitar hooks, Strange Ang3ls is one of the best solo albums to bless rock fans ears, putting the likes of Slash, Joe Satriani and John 5’s latest albums to shame. For a not so know musician David Mark Pearce is extremely talented and with this new album he will hopefully get the recognition and respect as a musician which he deserves.

The best thing by far about Strange Ang3ls is just how great those guitar lines sound. Whether it be a cantering riff, melodic guitar line or a groovy solo. David manages to make every single second of it sound brilliant, and with an astonishingly good production on this album, the guitar lines just seem to leap out of the music to you, mesmerizing the listener with the sheer talent and skill of every note which you can tell David puts all his heart and soul into.

Strange Ang3ls can be seen as more of a David Mark Pearce and friends album that an actual solo album, and this adds to the drama of this album as you get all kinds of musicians joining in with this album to add that dimension, making David’s guitar line like a magic carpet, cushioning the melodic keyboard backing and the singers very powerful vocals. Tracks like ‘Alone I Cry’, ‘Tell Me Why’ and ‘To Live Again’ serve up the listener a unique musical experience in which all the band gel together perfectly to form a well oiled, killer rock n’roll machine.

David Mark Pearce should take into consideration that he has one of the catchiest albums of 2011 at his command, and when you have tracks like ‘Shelter Me from the Rain’ and ‘Save Your Prayers’ in your repertoire, you would be foolish not to play ever single damn song off the album in your live show. For once you begin to play the 1st note, till you finish your last note, you will have every single person in that venue hooked, making Strange Ang3ls the ideal album for fans to sing along to, air guitar to, and have the time of your fucking life to!

Strange Ang3ls is the star of what hopefully be a long and fruitful project for David, and with 10 great tracks laid out on the table, every single person who has heard this album, will no doubt be looking forward to the next album….. So hurry up and make it David!