Story from a Club, by Auntie Alice

Well it was Friday night at the WYRD fetish club.. and he wants to know what I am doing for a performance??

I get up on the stage and dance a little and slowly remove my leather mini skirt… revealing a tiny black thong.. then my leather basque is removed by one of the WYRD girls…. revealing a strapless black lacy bra… I bend over the leather stool with my long blonde hair dropping to the floor and my stockinged legs spread wide apart …..

Two WYRD girls spank my bare buttocks making me squeal with delight. I writhe around on the stool and scream with anticipation as they come towards me with candles dripping with hot wax…. mmmm… the wax is dripping slowly from four candles as they pour it over my bare skin…. drip drip on my wrist moving up my arm drip drip across my shoulders…. slowly down my back its too delightful… I squeal again and again… the wax is dripping down between my legs across my red spanked buttocks… then slowly down the back of my legs as my black silk stockings are removed….

He came across to the stage and grabbed my wrists slowly turning me over on the stool so I lay on my back…. and the wax was being slowly dripped back up my legs… between my thighs… I writhed and squealed… the hot was drip drip onto my thong the heat making its way through to my clit… give me more… the wax drip drip up my body my wrists still held down and a WYRD girl now holding my ankles… the other WYRD girl pulls off my bra and the hot wax is pouring onto my breast my nipples hard and now shining with wax… I want more… I am as horny as hell.

Then the tall guy who had been watching silently in the dark corner of the room comes through the cheering crowd… he gently removes my thong and as he pushes his finger inside me, he nods approvingly…. oh yes, I am so wet…

The WYRD girls move away but my wrists are still held the tall guy kneels down and very slowly licks my clit with expertise…. I cant hold myself back and slowly move myself towards him stretching my body as far as I can… he grabs my red hot buttocks in his big hands and licks me hard and fast… The crowd are shouting and cheering the guy holding my wrists kisses my face and slowly licks down my neck to my nipples….. as he sucks harder he bites gently making my nipples even harder…

I groan with sheer bliss as the tall guy stands over me revealing a thick p*nis hard and throbbing … he lowers himself to push himself inside me…. slow at first then harder and harder… I looked up at the guy holding my wrists… was he happy with the performance?? He did not have to say anything… as he grinned and came all over my breasts… so whats your fetish?

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