Stoneman, by PromoFabrik

Hey guys, thanks for your time to talk about your new album „Human Hater“ shortly before your tour. Guess it is appropriate if you will introduce yourselves to the people out there.
Iron Cris: I am Iron Cris and I play the bass, cheers… J
You name yourselves „Nr.1 DarkMetal band from switzerland“. Don’t you think this is very egomanic?

Iron Cris: Do you know a more famous or more professional Swiss Dark Metal Band? Tell me about them…

What’s about the Swiss scene? Is there any at all?

Iron Cris: Of course it does exist. It happens in the underground, as everywhere else, too. In the dark of the night they gather in old basements of tunnels.

2004 – The year of your foundation. How did it all start? How did you find together?

Iron Cris: That was before my time. I joined the band 2007 as their backliner.

„Sex.Drugs.Murder“ has been released as the debut album in 2006, followed by the second album „How To Spell Heroin“. Now there is „Human Hater“. Do the names connect to each other in any kind? Is there some kind of progression?

Iron Cris: The album titles stand for the band’s influences. As in the old days Stoneman surfed on this pretty famous rock star thing (alcohol, girls, etc.) today we focus on the really important stuff and try to write and sing about things we see as important.

Talking about „progress“… How do you feel about your development from the first to the third records?

Iron Cris: Do you mean technically? As every other musician we were able to improve ourselves on our instruments. The band made mistakes at the beginning; in songwriting, management, in the band as such. A quite human thing. You have to learn from these mistakes and try not to make them again. I think we suceeded very well in this matter.

You have made a creative break of three years. What have been the reasons for it?

Iron Cris: It was a difficult birth! On Human Hater the band tried not to remake the mistakes of the past (see previous questions!). On the new album there were no kompromises, only the best was good enough. We dared to throw the weak songs away, wich is very hard sometimes but necessary! Quality goes first was the highest commandment!

What does the album title stand for „Human Hater“ or who do you want to address with it?

Iron Cris: This goes to almost everybody! Not a specific group or person, but mankind as such! People often mistakes us as rassists. But that is not true! We are not against black people or judes in general, but against everybody that brings damages to anyone on purpose. No matter who or what that damager is.

You have released the single „No sweet November“ as prelude to the album. Why did you choose that untypical song?

Iron Cris: No other song would be played on a radio station!

And did it come to the feature of VAN VELVET?

Iron Cris: Stoneman has worked together with Steve since Sex.Drugs.Murder. We are good friends and hope to do another thing with him on the next album if we find something that fits perfectly together.

Let’s dive deeper into the details of the album. The song „Hope You Die All Soon“ is quite scary. What do you want to tell with it?

Iron Cris: To the damager (see previous question).

On „Zombie Zoo“ you have worked with Wednesday 13. How did you manage to do that cooperation?

Iron Cris: Two years ago we were on tour with him and were able to play ten shows as his opening act. Since then, the contact never broke up.

In contrary to your single release of „No Sweet November“ the album is very loud and hard. How did the fans react on it?

Iron Cris: The fans loved the song but were happy that the album is heavy in general. Nobody rejects it. Because of this song we could gain some additional fans. Although these people normally don’t listen to this heavy metal stuff.

Will you produce more songs of that soft style in the future?

Iron Cris: If the song is good, why not. But Stoneman will always be a heavy metal band.

You are in the advent of a extensive tour with Tiamat. What are you looking forward most about it?

Iron Cris: Of course, that is a highlight in every musician’s life.

A first gig you have played in the first week of November in your home country. How did you like it?

Iron Cris: It was a great evening. It was awesome to play finally again after such a long time off stage. Maybe we were a bit rusty, but therefor we play 20 shows in 23 days now haha… To play at home is always enormous. To play for his friends gives you an additional motivation.

Most of the gigs you will play with Tiamat. How did you get in touch with them for the tour?

Iron Cris: Two years ago we were the opening act for Tiamat and 69 Eyes in the Z7 club (Pratteln, CH). Since then the contact exists.

Do you preceive yourselves to be more a studio or a live band? What do you like more?

Iron Cris: Well, compare these two situations: you are in a dark, stinking, small room without any windows and play one small part again and again until Mr. Producers is pleased with it on one hand and be on the road, meet and greet fans and play a whole song together with your band on the other… I go for the touring J

Many thanks for answering our questions and we wish you a lot of success with the album „Human Hater“. Before leaving for the tour, I bet you have a message to the fans out there?

Iron Cris: Make yourself a present for X-mas and buy Human Hater!

Ok, thanks and see you on tour!