Steve Von Till – A Life Unto Itself

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Neurot Recordings
Realeased: 11 May 2015
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Band Line up:

Steve Von Till - A Life Unto Itself
Steve Von Till – Guitar and Vocals
Eyvind Kang – Viola
J. Kardong – Pedal Steel
Pat Schowe – Percussion

Track Listing:

1- In You Winga
2- A Life Unto Itself
3- A Language of Blood
4- Night of the Moon
5- Birch Bark Box
6- Chasing Ghosts
7- Known but not Named



‘A Life Unto Itself’ is the fourth and latest solo release from Neurosis frontman Steve Von Till. Well, fourth solo release under his own name. Steve Von Till has been releasing music for the past twenty five years and solo releases for the past fifteen. Whilst he is best known for the sludge metal sounds of the legendary Neurosis, Von Till’s solo efforts have always been a departure from that world. Previous solo releases have mostly followed a traditional folk music style. ‘A Life Unto Itself’ is a further departure from what we have come to expect from this vetran.

Anchored by Von Till’s raspy and effortless tone , this acoustic based record creates vast soundscapes aided by minimalist use of synths, electric guitars and percussion. Every note, every sound has a purpose, a meaning that creates a different type of heaviness. It’s almost like you can feel the weight of the layers of sound that build these thoroughly haunting yet poignant songs.

With such a wealth of experience to draw upon, it’s easy to see why Steve Von Till can keep creating unique and striking music. ‘A Life Unto Itself’ is yet another success for a true master of his craft.

Review by Mark Hunter