Steve Hughes; The free thinking metal Comedian, by Dj Rex

This month I want to write about a genius called Steve Hughes, comedian and definitely a free thinker, also, oddly, one time drummer for Australian Death Metal band Slaughter Lord.
Steve Hughes reminds me a lot of an Aus version of Bill Hicks, very funny and very much making a point, to make my point easier, Ive included a few vids for you all to watch, he seems to have a highly twisted view on society with a logic not seen frequently enough. Even that posh newspaper the Times, in little old England described him and hard edge social commentary at its best, track him down on you tube, or check out a show, you won’t be disappointed –

Steve Hughes is essentially there to make a point as much as to make you laugh and he does both very well. Theres a lot of
clever jumps from satire, to lecture, to pure basic level joke, interlaced with many observations on how rubbish our attitudes are
these days. It seems he feels strongly about a lot of issues, from the homeless, to narrow minded attitudes towards the gay community,
to how stupid people can be when it comes to their general gullibility to accept what society has fed them. I love his theory on gay people
being extra macho because the shag men and not soft girlies, then theres his theory about the homeless and why we should give them
money, even if they will just spend it on drink and drugs, cause thats what he was gonna spend it on.

If youre the kind of person who believes soap operas are real, who believes the news as gospel, who takes health and safety too
seriously, then I recommend you take notes of this man, but, if like me, youre disillusioned with the world, then youll find
yourself nodding in agreement and laughing out loud many many times, probably even quoting lines to your friends and finding
some of Steve Hughes comments entering into your every day conversation.

here’s a little clip to give you an idea