Steak Number Eight @ The Old Blue Last, London

Tuesday 7th February 2012
Review & Photography by Sabrina Dersel
Belgium has more to offer than what you might think : It is the home of Steak Number Eight; post-hardcore/sludge band formed in Wevelgem in 2005.

Their music is a combination of post-rock and sludge metal, as well as a heavy stage lights show.
In 2007 they won a local contest named Westtalent. A few months later, in March 2008, the band won Humo’s Rock Rally. With an average age of 15/16 they were the youngest band in the history of this contest.
Shortly after this victory a home recorded album “When the Candle Dies Out…“ was released.

It was only in March 2011, the band released their great second album “All is Chaos” produced by Mario Goossens and mixed by Matt Bayles.

Tonight, they have chosen London as the first witness of their talented music.
The Old Blue Last is your typical London pub, with a live room on the first floor for live bands.
Even better…it is free to enter!!

A not so big crowd has gathered inside, braving the artic temperature outside.
Steak Number Eight takes the stage; the atmosphere is very dark and there is a lot of red lights.
Singer/guitarist Brent Vanneste is joined by Joris Casier (drums), Jesse Surmont (bass) and Louis Provost (guitars).
It is impressive watching those four very young guys as they unleash their sound and takes me straight away into another dimension, and I don’t leave it until the end of the gig which lasted for one hour.

They open with “The Sea Is Dying” from their first record, and then play exclusively songs from their new album “All Is Chaos” ,which I strongly advise to purchase! Whether or not you are a fan of this genre, you will be surprised in a very good way.

The guitars riffs, dark and sludgey sounds seem to be hypnotising your brain and they run through your entire body. It is reinforced by the mystical and angry voice of Brent Vanneste.

His screams are magnetic and convincing, he is a brilliant frontman with a lot of charisma onstage.
Throughout their one hour set,the lights become blue and the use of a strobe adds even more of an ethereal vibe. For the last three songs, four orange standing tube lights are turned on; similar to a sun rising after the darkness of the night. Once the music stops, it is a harsh way back to reality and by judging by the faces of the audience, many didn’t see this coming…what a slap in our faces!

They are the perfect example to alot of other young bands out there, who believe live music is only about how many jumps you can do during one song! There is no need to jump around and go crazy on stage to make yourself noticed, it is all and only about the music and how well you perform it.

Once outside, I managed to meet the band and speak briefly with singer Brent.
After congratulating him, I politely ask the origin of their stage name “Steak Number Eight”, as the first impression you get when you hear this name is not a totally positive one.

He nicely answers that the name of the band is based upon the first ever song written and played by his older brother, who sadly passed away. Knowing this now, I can only respect this band even more.
They are one of the top bands of this genre back in Belgium, and hardly known here in the UK.

I do hope for the sake of this band that will change soon, and are welcomed back to London soon, in a bigger venue so we will be able to see their full stage light show; which supposedly was only a small amount tonight!