Steak Number Eight – The Hutch by Sabrina Dersel

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Indie Recordings
Band Website:

Band line-up:
Brent Vanneste – guitars/vocals
Joris Casier – drums
Jesse Surmont – bass
Cis Deman – guitars

1 Cryogenius
2 Black Eyed
3 Photonic
4 Push/Pull
5 Pilgrimage Of A Black Heart
6 Exile Of Our Marrow
7 The Shrine
8 Slumber
9 Ashore
10 Rust
11 Tearwalker

Steak Number Eight are a post-metal/sludge band from Belgium and have released their third album “The Hutch” this spring.
Their second album, the well acclaimed “All is Chaos”, was released in 2011. Just as its predecessor, “The Hutch” is a great combination of heavy massive riffs, with the dark and grimy vocals of their charismatic frontman Brent Vanneste.

“Cryogenius” is the opening track and straight away you are thrown into Steak Number Eight typical sound, which is well composed with simple riffs and killer vocals.

“Photonic” and “Push/Pull” reminds of the previous album, melodic atmospheric songs, which, when they are played live with their hypnotic light show are wonders to your eyes and ears.

Most of their songs are over five minutes long, which gives them time to create once again melodic parts, as well as aggressive ones too,which is their signature style.

They are still creating something very rare for a band this young, as you would never believe they are 18 years old!

What a promising band!

They are playing a few dates in Belgium this summer, so we can hope a UK show hopefully this autumn!

Standout Tracks: Black Eyed, Push/Pull,Pilgrimage Of A Black Heart, Ashore