Status Quo, Quo, cover art review, by Sarah Clow

I wanted to include this one because of the illustration, I think that it is a subtle piece of art, it comes across to me as beautiful, the band members are so lifelike, captures perfectly and I love the way their necks all merge into a kind of tree trunk, with the tree roots writhing outward.
I also like the title name, the way it also looks like tree roots but not at the same time. The colours are subtle, just right, not letting the background colour swallow the main image of the band.
Whoever was lucky enough to do this are very talented and very lucky to have their art grace this cover.

The story of this cover is that it was done by a young girl who won a competition at a South London School, to design an album cover for the band. I get the feeling that Alan Lancaster was the girls favourite member, as he is most prominent and looks to be the most detailed drawing. This is different to other album covers featuring the bands as it usually the front man who is the most prominent, more to the front of the image…
The band chose from the entries for which the winner’s image would become the album cover. It is likely that it was the designers at Vertigo that turned the winning entry into the album artwork.