Status Quo, On The Level, cover art review, by Sarah Clow

Sorry to all those who really don’t like the band, but I wanted to include some Quo on account that I don’t care admitting I love their music! I was brought up listening to the band, and appreciate them and the music ten fold.
For this album, I actually emailed the bands website on a whim when doing the A to Z to find out any information on this album and the one which will follow shortly. I was lucky enough to get the reply and found out a short story about the album’s cover art, from one of Quo’s web guys who spoke to Francis Rossi.

The cover was the result of an idea by Quo’s manager Colin Johnstone, who was inspired by the Ames Room, however this is doubted by Francis that he came up with it, as he may have stolen the idea from someone else!
I like the cover on the fact that I like illusion art, and the fact that they are in a room made of odd proportions is ultimately fascinating. I like the fact that despite the fact that Francis is at the front and Rick Parfitt and John Coglan are at the very back, Alan Lancaster appears to tower over everyone!
The story behind the cover is that Quo finished recording the album at aa studio in London’s West End at around 6am one morning, and it had been arranged that they do a photo shoot in a suspended room which had been set up in Lambeth at around 9am. The guys were not in the best conditions at the time. Francis mentioned that you can tell the angle of the room from the angles of their feet! Also, their postures give some clue too, this is most likely because of how tired they were due to being up all night recording and going straight into the photo shoot from the studio.
The good thing was that the band liked the outcome, so it became the album cover. I find it fitting that the chosen image for the album was taken in a room which was not level and the chosen album title was ‘On The Level’. I find it humorous that they named it on the counter effects in the photograph on the cover.
The inner gatefold sleeve consisted of informal photographs taken by the band members of each other.