STARQUAKE – Lyrics Video for “Here I Go Again” released!

The song is taken from the album “Times That Matter”, which will be released by Pure Rock Records on 29th May 2015.

STARQUAKE’s music was influenced by IRON MAIDEN, SPOCKs BEARD and 70s Hard Rock and comprises heavy guitars, fat drums and sophisticated vocals. Seasoned with some Hammond Organ and great arrangements, “Times that matter” is always harmonic and favours songs and melody.

Singer Mikey and his band STARQUAKE, after playing lots of live gigs, have now arranged this impressive journey through the 70s and 80s with the modern sound of today. They were joined by lots of guest musicians, who all have long-time experience on stage and in the studio.

Famous English fantasy artist Rodney Matthews was so impressed that he decided to contribute the coverartwork for this album, which adds a perfect optical treat to the gourmet sound. Long anthems and catchy rock pieces in a quality like this are very very rare today!Starquake
1. Scenes From A Revolution
2. Close Encounter
3. I’m Goin’ Mad
4. Rise And Fall
5. Here I Go Again
6. The Needle Lies
7. Times That Matter
8. Goodbye My Friend
9. No More Hate
10. Whatever
11. Fairytale
Mikey Wenzel – vocals, instruments
Alex Kugler – guitars
Jan van Meerendonk – drums
Andreas Pernpeintner – hammond
Joe Wagner – guitars
Michael Wopshall – guitars
Corinna Reif – violin
Sandra Wenzel – additional vocals