Star Vampire- RuBlood By AWG

Band Name:    Rublood
Album Name: Star Vampire
Rating: 5/5
Distributor/label: Bakerteam Records
Released: 28 October 2013
Band Website:
Star vampBand line-up:

Ruben Roll – Vocals & Keys
Moony – Guitars
Daryl Madden – Guitars
L Daniels – Bass
MirKO Stiffler – Drums







1.    Star Vampire
2.    Heart
3.    Through The Looking Glass
4.    Electro Starfuckers
5.    Rainfall
6.    True Blood
7.    Policy Of Truth
8.    Negative Bride
9.    Goth Love
10.    Ignition
11.    In Love We Trust


RUBLOOD have risen from the ashes of the band Dark Star, dedicated to gothic metal. The disbandment leads the singer Ruben Roll to find new musicians with whom he can create a style aimed towards contemporary and innovative sounds. On the 28th June 2009, alongside national and international acts. In 2011 they recorded their fist demo “Generation Rublood”. Inspired by the atmospheric sounds of bands like Rammstein, Depeche Mode, Joy Division and Deathstars, RUBLOOD created their own unique mix and a new method to conceive dark and poetic music.

Before I started to play ‘Star Vampire’ I decided to study the album cover (something that I have not done for a while) and I started to find myself strangely lost in the post apocalyptic world that was laid out before my eyes I found myself lost in a world where mankind had become the victim to a greater hunter, and now the world belonged to them…us humans where the cattle, the pray the targets and now were fighting to survive, but what completely blew me away was that this outstanding piece of art work was on a debut album.

They say that great art work and comes from the music and this cannot be a truer fact with ‘RUBLOOD’ and the album ‘Star Vampire’

The Opening track which is the Title of the album ‘Star Vampire’ launched me into a world that I had not experience for a very long time, I am from the generation that has grown up with the daywalker Blade one of the greatest vampire films of the 21st century. And this track to me right back into that world.

A world ruled by the hunters of the underground slowly turning mankind and making the world a darker place.

‘Star Vampire’ has everything you need from a hard hitting Industrial Technical band like ‘RUBLOOD’ from the intro into the song as it slowly builds with a mix of the old school and new school underground club techno mix, and a great mono stereo wave before you are blow clean across the floor and the music explodes, then the doom feel from ‘Ruben’ shatters what is left of your very soul. The mix and production with this track is outstanding, the use of the latest technology really blows the competition clean out of this stratosphere.

I knew I was really going to like this album without any second thoughts. ‘Heart’ track two had a surprising start that I was not expecting after ‘Star Vampire’. The use of the keyboards and the fact that they are brought to the front over the Drums and guitars really gave the track a fresh edge, and I must take my hat off to the person who decided this because so many bands use keyboards but very few recordings will really enhance the instrument.

The most impressive track title has to be ‘Electro Starfuckers’ and I must say that this is my favourite track on the album, it packs such a mean punch  and really highlights the musical talent these guys have, the shear production and final mix is soul shattering, and this I can see being the Anthem from the entire album.

And it does not stop there ‘Rainfall, True Blood, Policy Of Truth’ highlights how these guys really feel and felt when writing and recording the album, it is very rare that an Album will be that special and get a very high mark on a review, but I recommend you add this to your collection

I can see that when these guys perform live the Vampires, Goths, and Metalheads are there for one reason, and that is to unit under the banner of Powerful Soul tearing music.

Review by AWG