Srednep – Silence by Ben Spencer

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label:  Psyclown Records
Released:  2014

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Band line-up:
Kevin Srednep – Producer, Vocals. Mike Sarkisyan – Guitars

Track listing

01. Lost (Intro)
02. The Sinner
03. Silence
04. WW3
05. Social Masks
06. Re-Silenced (Psyclown Remix)


Since 2013, Industrial Metal duo Srednep have been meticulously crafting a near apocalyptic vision of the future. Highlighting issues around corporate machines and propaganda their music is as much an attack on the modern world as it is a forewarning to our future.

Unravelling with ‘Lost (Intro)’ the electronic beats wade in with clean vocals and an unsettling sense that something big is about to hit you. ‘The Sinner’ kicks in with pounding drums, deep throated growls and gritty sounding guitars. Full of angst driven tones and industrial textures the track delivers the band’s impressive sound to a high standard.

Meanwhile, the grinding guitars f ‘WW3’ reveal the band’s more aggressive sounding nature, with thought provoking lyrics, unrelenting drums and a solid range of vocals throughout.

Another stand out moment for the EP comes from the heavily distorted ‘Social Masks’. A track that seamlessly pulls together the enraged riffs and electronic experimentation into one tight sounding package that marks this as the band’s high point.

This may not appeal to everyone but there is something about Srednep’s ability to weave together both Metal and Industrial that seems to work. Full of aggression, passion and creativity their songs are both memorable and meaningful. Great work guys!

Review by Ben Spencer