Squarehead – Voltage Controlled Body Music by Alan Chapman

Out now on FiXT Music

A bit of a history lesson… before Combichrist a certain singer was in Icon Of Coil who were one of the big players in the dance EBM scene, and this was down to having one hell of a song writer in Sebastian Komor.
Well he wasn’t going to let his former band splitting stop him or let the fact someone getting all the glory get him down, in fact he seems to be going into overdrive with so many outlets for his writing skills such Zombie Girl, Komor Kommando, Moonitor. And now Squarehead, a full on blast mix of electro ebm techno crossover, avoiding the harsh ebm that has dominated the scene for the last couple of years.

This ploughs it’s own furrow and a long way removed from Icon of Coil. This is as gritty and dirty you can get, a blast of fresh air (ok dirty air) in a scene that so needs it.
This outing shows a certain Andy that he can’t have it al his own way when it comes pushing the limits of electronic music.
Maybe it was a good thing when I of C called it day because we wouldn’t of had Komor and Combi taking a music style to new exciting places.