Square Moon – Musaiq by Tony Bliss

Rating: 0.5/5
Distributor/label: Legacy Records
Released: March 4th 2014



Bartek “Tabbs” Tabak – Vocals
Łukasz “Rudy” Granek – Guitar
Wojtek ”Wojtas” Szuryn – Guitar
Michał “Beavey” Biwejnis – Bass
Marcin “Froncek” Frąckowiak – Drums


3. Left behind
4. The worst enemy
5. Unholy War
6. Farwell letter
7. Mystery
8. The Game
9. Square Moon
10. Of all the reasons


Espousing the kind of third rate progressivisms and undeinably laughable vocal work of any half baked, sixth form metal band, it is somewhat difficult to digest ‘Musaiq’, the debut full length from polish five piece Square Moon, with any amount of seriousness.

Of course, given the fact that the band have taken the decision to write outside their native tongue we can quickly forgive and overlook the woefully trite lyricims on display, yet from the Hetfiled-ian mid range limpness, unforgivably off key cleans through to a head scratchingly junville display of death metal gutturals, it all too quickly becomes apparent that a simple language barrier is not the only hitch here.

It is an unfortunate reality that the songs offered up represent a tedious slog through adolescently metallic cliche which should be catagorically ironed out by any outfit worth their salt. Melodically barren and structurely mundane, picking out a saving grace becomes a microscopic task, with perhaps some fleetingly enjoyable riff work the only redeeming quality.

Indeed, tracks such as instrumental highlight ‘Unholy Wars’ could almost be salvaged were it not for the woefully confused barking proving to drown what little potential clung to the wreckage, and as this brief candle goes out we are left with a record which provides scarcely a hint of dynamic engagement, and we walk away with little beyond wondering how the bewildering decision was reached that ‘Musaiq’ is considered good enough to see the light of day.