Spiritual Beggars – Return To Zero by Alan Chapman

Out Now On – Insideout Music

Take all the really best parts of the seventies hard rock put in a big pot a mix and what you get is Spiritual Beggars latest album and what a blast it is.

It has massive groove oozing out of every pore it’s a massive joy to listen to, this not some poor mans homage to that era it’s the real deal if this lot had been around in that time they would be up there with their heroes throwing TVs out of hotel windows.

The Hammond Organ sends shivers down your spine, the vocals bleed soul, guitars screams distorted blues and a rhythm section that provides the funk.

One things for sure about this is it stands so far head and shoulders above most out there doing this, that it’s an album of this era that takes the best from another and makes it it’s own, enjoy.