Sonic Boom Six plus support @ The Peel, Kingston

 August 6th 2009, Review by Jacques TwoTone

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a huge SB6 fan. The last time I was seen in public not wearing some sort of Boom merchandise was somewhere in the middle of 2006 and the last time I missed a London show was sometime before that. So, I think it’s a forgone conclusion that I enjoyed this show immensely. But, nonetheless, I wouldn’t be doing my duty were I not to report it to you!

The show, on this fateful evening, opened with the almighty Mouth Wash. A rag-tag bunch of London boys bringing a upbeat punky-reggae party that has been missing for quite some time. Definitely worth a watch as they rise up the ranks – Check out True Stories for a great album. Bringing a lot of energy to the stage with plenty of audience participation on the choruses – something that I find adds immensely to the enjoyment of a show. These guys are worth checking out the next time they’re back in town, with an album well worth ten of your hard earned pounds.

Now, to my personal low-point of the evening. Random Hand. A lot of people like these guys and I can understand why. They’re a lot of fun to watch and they have some good ideas going on. My main issue though, is the fact that the styles don’t really gel together, in my eyes. I’m a big fan of the mashup of genres and these guys don’t disappoint in that respect, bringing skacore, punk, hardcore and even a touch of metal to the table. But I find that they don’t blend them together very well, leading to some very jarring changes within the songs themselves. While I personally don’t like them, I’d recommend you give them a look in should you find yourself at a loose end, because you might get it where I don’t.

Onto one of my favorite discoveries of last year – The Skints. Bringing an absolutely amazing sound, reminiscent of the old school days, with fantastic melodies and beautiful harmonies. Again, a bunch of east London folk bringing a lot of energy. This time, they didn’t play any of their more skacore-esque tunes, which did them a huge favour, as they suit the more melodic ska-reggae sound that they’re currently bringing to the table. A lot of energy and some great tunes that really show off their stronger points. They have a slight lack of stage presence, I personally felt, but the performance itself more than makes up for it. Check these guys out towards the end of the year when they release their Rebel Alliance debut album.

Sonic Boom Six. What can I say about them? I almost feel a little bit biased, what with already being a huge fan. Although why would I go watch them were I not a fan? Exactly. So, as usual, they bring their usual mix of punk, reggae, hip-hop, drum & bass and various other genres to the table with an incomparable energy. You can see these guys genuinely love what they’re doing and are grateful to be allowed to do it and this really comes across in the performance. Playing a mixture of old and new (Although nothing from the debut Sounds to Consume album, sadly) there was something that everyone could enjoy.

Audience participation is again something these guys excel at, giving mics to audience members, people on stage to sing along, these are all regular occurrences and this night was no exception. I’m trying to restrain myself slightly here with this review, as they are my favorite band, but these guys really rocked the house and I had an awesome time as always.

Finally, let me give a shout to the Peel for being an ace venue with a great sound system, awesome sound engineer and cheap but half decent pints. Also to Banquet Records for putting on the show. Always a good night.