Sonic Boom Six – City of Thieves by Jacques TwoTone

Remember when you were younger and ska-punk seemed like the best thing that ever happened to music? Well, ladies and gentlemen, it still is…I can assure you.

Not that I wish to do SB6 any disservice, merely calling them a ska-punk band is a little insulting, with the massive mash-up of styles that they bring to the table – hip hop, reggae, drum & bass and more come across on this latest offering, City of Thieves.

Opening with the scene setting “(Welcome to the) City of Thieves”, this album is a non-stop barrage of ideas and politics delivered with a passion that seems to be lacking from the majority of artists these days. Dealing with issues as wide and varied as school ground popularity (and the continuation of it into our supposedly grown-up society) and the nature of the big brother culture that is springing up around us.

Now, personally I love this album. I know that a lot of people won’t, however. It’s wide variety of styles across the album can lead it to feeling a little lacking in each individual area if you’re looking for a more straightforward album. For people who’ve not experienced SB6, I would recommend listening to their earlier album “A Ruff Guide to Genre Terrorism” before jumping into this one.

Overall, it’s a fantastic album from a consistently great band – the only complaint from my point of view is that it is a little sample heavy. Most of the time this doesn’t concern me, but at times it can get a little tedious if you just want to hear the song.

Two thumbs up, five stars or 10/10. However you want to quantify it, this is a fucking great album.