Solbrud – Vemod

Rating: 4/5
Label/Distributor: Indisciplinarian Records
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Released: 2017
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Band Line-up:1solbrud

Tobias Pedersen – Bass
Troels Pedersen – Drums
Adrian Utzon Dietz – Guitars
Ole Pedersen Luk – Vocals/Guitars


1. Det Sidste Lys
2. Forfald
3. Menneskeværk
4. Besat af mørke


Vemod sees Danish fiends Solbrud in fine fettle. Perhaps they feel that they have much to prove; their nation is often overlooked when talking about quality Scandinavian Black Metal, in favour of their more northerly neighbours. In any case, it is an album that makes quite a statement. It proves to be a very potent experience, as one would expect from a band who have made it to a third album.

Proceedings begin with “Det Sidste Lys”, its shoegazey intro soon giving way to ultra grim, harsh riffing, with the same shoegazey part bubbling away underneath. A quite engaging beginning. After almost five minutes, the listener is subjected to a vicious blitz attack. It is a very varied and lengthy song; at times it is like being caught in a storm, at others it is like basking in gentle rain. Next up is “Forfald”, a ghastly cavalcade of unfettered dread and rage. All the while the malice is underpinned with a sense of yearning, which is brought top the fore within the songs more mellifluous passages. it is a soulblightingly captivating experience. The funereal outro is an exquisite final touch.

The drawn out, psychedelic intro of “Menneskeværk” expertly makes the listener crave the inevitable warfare. When it arrives it is more like a nightmarish slow motion dreamscape than a frenzied warp speed shark attack. When the velocity does eventually show up, it is akin to being bored into with a dentist drill, slowly building up the levels of ecstatic torture before finally setting on jackhammer mode. A masterpiece, enhanced furthur by the Opeth style medieval motif outro.

The putrid rapture of “Besat af mørke” is the perfect choice for album closer. Whereas the album to this point had been a superb exercise in light and shade, the band showcase here naught but naked, unbridled, no frills aggression. The pace does abate, but the vitriol remains, and through the maelstrom a gleefully twisted guitar lead emerges, again showing a wondrous sense of layering.

What a powerful showing! Solbrud deserve tremendous plaudits for this album. It is hard in all the right places; tuneful, yet dank and baleful. The gnarled guitars buzz and rage, yet emote. This is truly the sound of a band that understand what it means to be kvlt; it is so much more than just having a lo-fi sound. BM at its purest, most malefic best.

Review By Owen Thompson